Australian Open director defends preferential treatment for Djokovic and Nadal

In statements collected by The Age, the head of the Australian Open defended the quarantine in Adelaide. "If you are very good, you will have a better deal."


Craig Tiley has wanted to pronounce on the quarantine of the Australian Open and the differences between the tennis players held in Melbourne and those who are serving this quarantine period in Adelaide, among which are Novak Djokovic or Rafa Nadal among others.

In statements collected by the Australian media 'The Age' Tiley confessed that this decision is due to the nature of the business and stated that the only big difference is that Adelaide tennis players have a terrace in their rooms. "Quarantining the elite tennis players in Adelaide is simply the nature of the business. There the best players only have better living conditions because they have a terrace."

The top leader of the Australian Open did not hesitate to recognize the opportunity that the big rackets could pass the quarantine in Adelaide. "I have the feeling that this is perceived as preferential treatment. But they are the best players in the world. For us it was an advantage to have one more place for quarantine. It is a great opportunity for Adelaide as well and they deserve it"

Tiley himself justified this preferential treatment as these players are at the top of tennis and therefore deserve better treatment. "My rule of thumb is that if you are at the top of tennis or a Grand Slam champion, it is the nature of the business that you get better treatment."

Tiley also wanted to deny the information that Adelaide tennis players had more time to train than other players. "The players who are quarantined in Adelaide don't have more time to train compared to the players in Melbourne. They also have a gym and equipment in their room. They said they had a whole floor for them, but they don't."

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