Atlético de Madrid proposes to Simeone to renew him until 2024

Gil Marín and the Argentine have moved closer positions. Natalia Simeone, Cholo's sister and agent, will negotiate the new contract for the highest paid coach in the world.


Atlético de Madrid has already communicated to Simeone the intention to renew his contract until 2024. Miguel Ángel Gil Marín made a heads-up a few days ago with Diego Pablo Simeone and expressed the desire to extend the contractual relationship that expires on June 30 2022. The Argentine coach is about to extend his successful time at the helm of Atlético de Madrid.

Simeone's statements, after the elimination in the second round of the Copa del Rey against Cornellà, when he put his presence on conditional next season, provoked a debate on whether he doubted whether to continue that the coach himself closed the next day. Everything indicates that the negotiation will not be complicated because the two parties are in great harmony.

Miguel Angel Gil Marín considers Diego Pablo Simeone the main guarantor of the stability of Atlético de Madrid thanks to his effectiveness in achieving goals. Both the CEO of Atlético and its president Enrique Cerezo have never considered the possibility of Simeone leaving the mattress bench. Gil Marín has made Atlético a world reference club thanks to his commitment to Simeone, whom he gave the opportunity to lead the first team in December 2011.

Simeone is delighted and it has not crossed his mind to conclude his long and triumphant cycle at the helm of Atlético. In the meeting with Miguel Ángel Gil, with whom he maintains a very close relationship and asks him to give talks to the players, he communicated his needs so that the cycle lasts longer and the maximum shareholder of the club communicated his willingness to facilitate everything that is in your hand, within the current conjuncture.

The negotiations to sign the new contract will continue in the coming weeks with Natalia Simeone, the coach's sister and agent, with whom the club maintains a priority relationship and negotiates the contracts of the entire coaching staff, except that of Profe Ortega, who negotiates for his He has been with him since 2016. Gil Marín has always done everything possible to accommodate all economic and sporting requests to persuade Simeone that there is no better option for him than to continue training Atlético.

In principle, Simeone will continue with his entire current coaching staff, with Profe Ortega as his right hand, Nelson Vivas as assistant and Hernán Bonvicini as third. However, there could be modifications as there were in the last renovation, in February 2019, when Germán Burgos decided not to renew with the entire team until 2022 to start his solo career in 2020. In that renovation, José Luis Pasqués, assistant Simeone's press release, but the club decided to dispense with his services last November.

In the economic sphere there will be no problem, given that Atlético has made Simeone the highest paid coach in the world (club sources point out that he receives 32 million euros gross per season). In addition, although it has not been publicly disclosed, Cholo is aware of the current situation due to the crisis caused by the Covid pandemic, and he will surely have reduced his emoluments as requested by the club and will have no problems doing so in his new contract.

Simeone has been in charge of Atlético for 9 years and if he signs his new contract and fulfills it in full, he would be in office for 13 consecutive seasons, making history as a rojiblanco coach. Cholo wants to continue beating all the victories and titles of Atlético de Madrid.

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