Approved and suspended of Real Madrid against Athletic

Vote the performance of the white players. Benzema, discreet but scoring a goal that gave hope. Lucas Vázquez gave away two goals on an unfortunate night.


This was the performance of the Real Madrid players in the defeat against Athletic, in the second semi-final of the Spanish Super Cup.

Courtois: he was shot between clubs twice in the first half and it was two goals from Raúl García, although little can be attributed to the Belgian; in the first he was sold and the second was from the penalty spot. He drew a goal ball from Williams in a heads-up, but the play was later canceled for offside. He did take a spectacular hand from Villalibre to avoid the 1-3 and give air to his team.

Lucas Vázquez: First part to forget about the Galician. Zidane gave him the entire right wing for him, putting Hazard on the inside, but Lucas already showed from the start that he was not fine. A faulty clearance did not narrowly end in Williams' goal and, a minute later, he gave away a ball at the start that ended in Raúl García's 0-1. He served a good low ball that almost ended in Asensio's draw, but minutes later he committed a penalty on Íñigo Martínez, transformed again by Raúl García. In the second part he improved a lot.

Varane: Raúl García slipped behind him to make it 0-1, although the rear was sold after Lucas's gift to Dani García. He stayed in the locker room at halftime due to a stomp on his right foot, giving Nacho entrance.

Ramos: he retired from the warm-up and feigned not to play, but finally he was in the game from the beginning. The question remains as to whether he was depleted, he was not seen showing the initiative he usually takes to lead attacks. Even so, he was able to score with a header, but he got a centered shot first and then brushed the post with time almost complete.

Mendy: a lot of offensive intention, he appeared a lot in attack trying the overflows that Hazard did not threaten. But there is a point where his technique cannot pay the checks that his attitude extends; It costs him in short spaces, although even so he took a good pass to Hazard that the Belgian ruined. However, he makes failures in supports, passes and controls that do not seem adjusted to an elite player.

Casemiro: left a great chopped pass for Hazard that the Belgian did not know how to take advantage of, physically surpassed by the Athletic defenders. At the exit of the ball, little presence, Athletic covered everything they could and Madrid noticed. With the improvement of Madrid in the second half, he began to see a lot more and gave Benzema assistance for the 1-2.

Modric: little of the Croatian, just a few threats to clean up rivals and some interesting driving, but he did not give speed to the white game and Athletic knew how to adapt perfectly to defend. He missed strange deliveries on him, the fading rhythm of the match somewhat taking hold of him. He left the site to Valverde at 67'.

Kroos: like Modric, little speed in the game and also some unusual passing errors in the German. He tried to unblock Madrid with distant shots, but he was not fine. At his brightest point, he filtered a great ball to Hazard that ended with Asensio's shot to the post.

Asensio: Madrid's best attacker, by far. The Spaniard put intention in each ball he touched and touched the goal several times: with a driving shot, another in static, a shot from behind after Lucas' low center, a left-footed shot to the post, a whip against the crossbar ... on the left and with the 0-1 he went to the right. Keep progressing, the best news at Real Madrid for a day to forget.

Benzema: disappeared for almost the entire match, nothing in the auction and nothing in circulation, where he was not even accurate. He had been in free fall for a few weeks and Madrid need him to create a game up. Luckily, he was on site to score the 1-2, in a pinpoint goal and with VAR suspense until the last second. Then he did another, this one well annulled for offside. He left the site at 88 'for Mariano to enter.

Hazard: the Belgian's game was very disappointing, in which not a few balls reached him and practically ruined them all. He only hit an assist to Asensio that the Spaniard, in a violent left foot, turned into a shot to the post. The most worrying thing is that he looks too shy when facing, he does not seek the tickle of the rival and if he does not do it ... who? He left the field at 67 'for Vinicius to enter.

Nacho: entered after the break for Varane, hurt by a stomp. Inactivity was not noticed, true to his mantra: Nacho always complies.

Vinicius: entered 67 'for Hazard. Little of the Brazilian, scarce of resources and without rhythm.

Valverde: entered in the 67th minute for Modric to give muscle to the midfield, which to a large extent happened. He worked a lot back to contain Williams. Participated in the 1-2 of Benzema with an opening to Casemiro from side to side.

Mariano: entered 88 'for Benzema, without time to influence.

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