"Neymar and Mbappé did what they wanted at PSG"

From France, the intensity of Pochettino in training stands out as well as the demand and change in behavior of Neymar and Mbappé.


Mauricio Pochettino has fallen on his feet at Paris Saint-Germain. With only a few days to go until the first month in charge of the Parisian team is completed, the Argentine can already say that he is still undefeated and that he has won a title against Olympique de Marseille, a great rival of those in the capital.

The balance in these first bars is positive although his first great touchstone will be in just over two weeks (February 16) when he has to travel to Barcelona for the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Barça, which he joins a rivalry more than special as a legend perica. Also to his new 'old' club, with which he has generated a recent duel on the green and outside of it with Neymar Jr as the main protagonist.

To arrive at the tone of this long-awaited confrontation, from France they assure that Pochettino has revolutionized the Camp des Loges with methods different from Tuchel but also substantially altering the workload. "The warm-up is very complete with Pochettino. It is equivalent to training with Tuchel. They work," assure sources from the Parisian team to the daily L'Equipe.

"Neymar and Mbappé did what they wanted"

This quote from a source from the Parisian team to L'Equipe was one of the main problems with Tuchel and that Pochettino has already addressed. First, with the schedule. The afternoon training sessions, a request from the players to sleep in the morning, are over. Now, they train at 11 and they are scheduled at 9:30 with the possibility of having breakfast if they want at the club's facilities.

From 11 am, two hours of intense work begin. According to this newspaper, not a few players end up with fatigue. With one game a week, the Argentine prepares them so that their physical endurance in order to perform with a note in the European qualifiers while maintaining the pulse for the League. This task is carried out by his son, Sebastiano, who has already worked with him to fine-tune the physical form of the Tottenham Hotspur squad.

They have to work physically and also tactically. Specifically, in defense. According to L'Equipe, with Tuchel, Neymar used to play the games only in attack changing teams and now, they have won in seriousness. The Brazilian no longer changes teams and both he and Mbappé, who according to this newspaper recently did little field and more gym work, are being quite demanded by the coach to make an effort in defense. For these two, the privileges have been terminated.

Mauricio is quite an interventionist and likes to carry the weight of training, which other trainers decide to leave more in charge of their staff. From the green, he presses, demands and also takes the opportunity to chat and find out the feelings of each player to manage his team in the best way. For now, it prepares its engines for the decisive stretch of the season. According to L'Equipe, recent victories have given credit to the Argentine's method of convincing his players that this is the way forward, one in which even Neymar and Mbappé will have to collide and go to the mud to win.

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