An irregular Curry can not with the conjoined Nuggets of Jokic

Stephen Curry had 35 points but had one of his worst games for so much scoring. Nikola Jokic handled his teammates better.


The Nuggets begin to increase their benefits compared to the first games. They have increased the intensity and are leaving behind other teams in the Western Conference with a better start but with less capacity to last the entire season. As in the case of the Warriors. For this they are relying on an absolutely splendid Nikola Jokic who is averaging the following outrage: 24.2 points, 11.2 rebounds and 10.4 assists with 56.9% accuracy in field shots. The Serbian, Russian according to Shaquille O'Neal, knows how to hide very well the deficiencies that he has in the different phases of the matches so that it does not affect his team. Jokic hit four 3-pointers against the Warriors and didn't make any, but he supplied it fairly; Curry, on the other hand, scored 35 points but weighed down his team as we had rarely seen him do before. The Golden State star finished -21 on the track, the worst figure of his career in a game in which he reaches thirty in scoring.

A remarkable distance taken at the end of the first quarter earned the Nuggets to clinch this game. Wiseman's sobriety, which is growing more and more, and Wiggins, who is also improving, were not enough in contrast to Curry's fever, which ended with seven losses and a bit unhinged. The lack of help from secondary players like Draymond Green or Kelly Oubre was key so that they could not overcome the disadvantage. The opposite happened in the Nuggets, who increasingly have a more applied rotation despite the movements that Mike Malone makes with it. The Denver coach highlighted the work of the substitutes, not just that of Jokic, to achieve this victory: 41 to 20 between the benches of one team and another.

In the opening bars, time again for Bol Bol. Harris's loss has forced a small change and the tall exterior is the one that has taken this award, even if he only played 12 minutes. Curry started on pace, hitting a couple of 3s and directing traffic well until Oubre also plugged in one from the outside. The first pull of the set was neutralized very quickly.

Not everything was going to be so easy for them. The exit of the substitutes was, for the second game in a row, the revulsive that the Nuggets needed to get to lead. And how. Morris, Dozier and Campazzo, almost at the same time, were torture for those in front of them, Lee, Bazemore and Wanamaker. Awakened, the Warriors suffered the setback before reaching the second quarter: their rival was fifteen up.

Let's not kid ourselves with Curry, either. On the one hand, the losses weighed down the rhythm and the eleven rebounds that he took do not have much merit; on the other, he continues to make shots, and in this game he was fine in that facet, and kept his team alive for many minutes. To take an example, in the second act Jokic messed with Wiseman at the low post, a rookie error, taking a free kick and completing a back slam dunk; Curry responded by snapping out of a block and leaping forward, hitting a foul triple off Murray.

The problem for the Californians was trying to stop Jokic. Not only in the plays in which he kept the ball and decided, also in the counterattacks that he threw or in the spaces that he served without having possession. He finished with another triple-double, the fifth, and also begins to count for the intangibles and not only for the statistics. It's nice to see him play and it helps in aspects that are not counted. With his power and that of his teammates, it must be emphasized that they helped him properly, the Warriors remained forever at -7 or more in the third quarter and did not come close in the fourth quarter either.

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