An atypical season in the 'Belmonte stage'

The Albinegro leader, who has had six coaches since his arrival at the entity in 2015, has three so far in the championship.


Borja Jiménez, the coach who took FC Cartagena to the Second Division, warned at the beginning of the current course that the chip had to be changed regarding the role that the club was going to have in the silver category. Gone would be the good results of each day, fighting for high levels and going to the market with one of the largest budgets to get the best players. And so it has been, as has been demonstrated in the first round of the championship. So much so that Jiménez was dismissed and his first replacement lasted three days on the bench. Now the witness is picked up by Luis Carrión, former from Córdoba CF, UD Melilla and CD Numancia.

In the port city they were not used to being at the bottom of the table and the bad dynamics of the last stage, with a victory in eleven days and the team in relegation places, has taken its toll. Above all, in the relationship of the property with the fans and also in the criticism that there was about Jiménez, as well as a large part of the squad. The day to day has completely changed, going from the good atmosphere to doubts and tension.

The bench burns

Carrión will be the sixth coach of Belmonte, who kept Palomeque when he arrived in May 2015 at an agonizing moment for the club. Salvation was achieved and Víctor Fernández, idol of the stands, became the first bet of the already owner of the entity to start his 2015-16 project. The results did not follow and the former Albinegro footballer was dismissed, with Alberto Monteagudo being the coach for two and a half seasons. In the two completions that the manchego was in charge, the playoff was played, but it was marked by the defeat in Majadahonda, when the return to professional football was savored and in the last minute he scored the Madrid team.

Gustavo Munúa, signed in 2018, replaced him. The Uruguayan went from doubts to being a reference for the fans. Nor did he achieve the long-awaited promotion, but he remained on the bench until he decided to accept the proposal of his country's Nacional in December 2019. And then Borja Jiménez was hired. The Avila did achieve the goal, although after 18 days it was stopped (December 2020). Pepe Aguilar, a trusted man of the presidents, was chosen as a revulsive but lasted three games.Economic possibilities

In Second B, FC Cartagena was a club that everyone wanted to go to. The offer of players contrasted in the category and even others with experience in Second, was constant. As they say, the checkbook was pulled to offer high contracts, far from the reach of most. This is not the case anymore, LaLiga tells you what you can spend and sets a budget for you, with the albinegros being one of the lowest in the competition.

The Albinegra sports commission 'does not choose', as it could do before. It requires more knowledge of the market, convincing players and coaches of the proposal and that does not always happen. Footballers such as Rubén Castro, Gallar and Nacho Gil landed, but the preparation of the squad has not been successful and the proof of this is the list of casualties that is managed for the winter market.

A rarefied environment

Football has a short memory, but you have to take care of the details. The joy of the promotion lasted until the start of the preseason. The decision to remove players who had been important in the promotion was not liked by either the dressing room or the fans. Belmonte even went so far as to say that "FC Cartagena is not an NGO" or that the discards had two options, to leave or "to see the games sitting next to me." These outbursts were not liked and less so with men like Elady, who was denied the march a year before to CD Tenerife, Cordero, José Ángel, Carlos David and Verza, protagonists in achieving the goal. Neither came out in the summer, terminating Cordero and Verza days ago as Elady has become one of the best on the team.

Belmonte, with many successes during his time, no longer has the absolute support that he previously had. Neither did Manuel Breis, who this year was inaugurating his position as general sports director. The objective will be to recover the tune between now and June, but for this it is necessary to hit the winter market and, of course, achieve permanence.

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