"My ambition is the title"

Sainz, in an interview published in Ferrari's book 'Racing Activities': "I'm sure the team will win again."


In the volume of 'Racing Activities 2020', which Ferrari publishes every year summarizing its competition results appears, one of the first interviews of Carlos Sainz with the Italian team appears. The 26-year-old from Madrid completed a day and a half of testing with the 2018 car this Thursday to accelerate the adaptation process on the way to the preseason and the first GP of 2021, in Bahrain, on March 28.

In this article, Sainz speaks openly of the "title" as the ultimate goal in his career as an F1 driver and the challenge of returning the Maranello team to the winning path: "I have total confidence in the project and although the process takes time, I'm sure the team will be the winner again. " The following is a full reproduction of the driver's words in the Ferrari book.

— What does joining Ferrari mean to you?

— When I was ten years old, I went to Barcelona and was lucky enough to meet one of my heroes, Michael Schumacher, and visit the Ferrari garage. The atmosphere there was special, there is nothing like it. So I guess the best way to describe what joining Ferrari means to me is a child's dream come true. Although putting on the red jumpsuit and riding for this team is much more than a dream. As a pilot, it is an honor and a great responsibility that I take on and I am looking forward to living.

— They say that children always play with red cars, was that the case?

— Without a doubt. I've had quite a few red cars at home and my first kart was completely red. Even the racing car emoticon on WhatsApp is red. Any racing fan and any driver knows what Ferrari stands for, even if you don't follow this sport and don't like cars, you know what Ferrari is and you associate red with Ferrari. That is why it is so big.

— What is your ambition at Ferrari?

— From the first day I started racing, there have only been two goals in my head: being an F1 driver and winning the World Championship. After achieving the first, all my efforts are directed towards achieving the second and there is no better place than Ferrari to try it. The ambition is to help create a winning team, return Ferrari to the front, where it should be, and win the World Cup.

— 2020 was tough for your new team, why will it be better in 2021?

— Every team went through difficulties at some point, it's part of F1. The important thing is to recover and history shows that the teams that won in the past were able to do it again. Ferrari is the most successful team in the history of the sport and there is a reason behind that. If there is a team on this grid that can be at the front again, it is Ferrari. I have total confidence in the project and even if the process takes time, I am sure that the team will win again. What you can be sure of is that I will do my best to shorten this process as much as possible.

— Forma, with Charles (Leclerc), Ferrari's youngest lineup since 1968. Encouragement or responsibility?

— Age is not an important factor, if anything, experience, which does not guarantee that you are faster either. I am 26 years old, but I have completed six F1 seasons and drove for three different teams before coming to Ferrari. Charles is 23 years old, but this will be his fourth F1 season and his third with the team. Get to know the car and the reality of Maranello. Although we are the youngest Ferrari couple in many years, we are not rookies.

— What do you say to Ferrari fans?

— To all the 'tifosi' I guarantee my most absolute commitment to them and to the team. We share the same passion and I will give everything to make you proud. I will empty myself in every race and work hard off the track as well to help the team improve faster. We share the ambition to see Ferrari where it needs to be and with your support I am convinced that we will arrive sooner rather than later. It is an honor to represent the best fans in the world and I am looking forward to racing knowing that they are with me.

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