Álvaro responds to Neymar after making fun of him and Payet

The Brazilian posted a tweet and a video on Instagram leaving messages to both players after winning the French Super Cup, in which he scored the second goal for PSG.


Neymar Jr has returned to the news on social networks after a Classic between PSG and Olympique de Marseille. If in the game played in September the Brazilian accused Álvaro González of racism on Twitter, today, the former Barcelona player has made fun of the central defender and Dimitri Payet, who in September uploaded a video laughing at PSG after winning 0-1 in Princes Park.

Ney, who scored the 2-0 victory of PSG against Marseille in the final of the Super Cup, starred with Álvaro González in one of the night's duels. Both met again today after several months of controversy and the PSG playmaker upset the Spanish, to the point of almost forcing his expulsion through three fouls committed by the OM player of excessive intensity. At the end of the Super Cup, Neymar published a tweet in which he alluded to the mockery he dedicated to the former Villarreal player when he scored his penalty.

On the other hand, Neymar has also had words for Payet, this time on Instagram, publishing a video in which he shows the Marseille shirt and then hides it to show the PSG one with the title of the French Super Cup. Without a doubt, the rivalry between PSG and Marseille will continue to be one of the strongest in French football for episodes like today's in Lens.

Álvaro responds on Twitter

Álvaro González decided to respond to Neymar's tweet with a subtle response that turned social networks upside down: "My parents always taught me to take out the garbage," said the Olympique de Marseille center-back with a photo in which sees the Spaniard grabbing Neymar's head in a stretch of the match.

Neymar, for his part, decided to respond to Potes with another tweet that further increased the tension between the two footballers: "And you forgot how to win titles," the Brazilian responded to Álvaro González's previous response. A dispute that will have its third part on February 7 at the Velodrome in the Ligue 1.


As if that were not enough, Álvaro once again replied to Neymar's tweet, stating that the PSG player will always be in the shadow of Pelé, uploading a photo of O Rei in which he is shown with three World Cups. "You will be in the eternal shadow of the king," reads the tweet from the former Villarreal player. Neymar continued to enter the rag and his answers came at 5 in the morning Spanish time: "And you to mine, it made you famous ... you are not a phenomenon" he wrote again in a mocking tone.

The Olympique de Marseille defender sent an exclusive video to the program "El Chiringuito de Jugones": "As you have seen, the provocations continue. At the end each one of them is portrayed. (Neymar) after the game in the trophy delivery he continued his path to provocation. I kept my composure and he tweeted another. When a person is much less intelligent than you, it is very easy to overcome them in many areas of life. "

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