Alonso's great challenge

No driver in history has renewed a title 15 years after achieving the previous one, as the Asturian claims.


Fernando Alonso does not return to Formula 1 to entertain himself. It is obvious. A driver of his talents, double world champion and keeping his ambition for victory intact, can only aspire to the best when he faces the challenge of returning to the grands prix two years after leaving McLaren in 2018.

The Asturian is fully aware that he will need time and patience to try to achieve his goals. The first year with Alpine Renault should be one of transition, both for him and his team and for all the teams on the grid, pending the regulatory revolution scheduled for 2022.

Group Renault president Luca de Meo himself refers to the podiums as a good result for the season that begins on March 28 in Bahrain. However, in the medium term he will have to aim higher and Alonso also has among his dreams to join the illustrious club of the three-time world champions, along with his idol Senna, Piquet, Lauda, Stewart and Brabham.


Achieving it is presented as a daunting task, as well as a historical challenge. Of the 33 drivers who can boast of being F1 champions, only 16 of them have achieved it on more than one occasion. And among all, none recovered the crown with a time difference as wide as the Oviedo pretends to. It has been 15 years since Alonso conquered his second and last wound, consecutive to the previous one in 2005.

Therefore, in the absurd hypothesis that in 2021 it will reach that goal, it would be three decades after that 2006. Never seen in the premier category. The greatest F1 champions generally prop up their legend in unbeaten streaks, such as Schumacher's five consecutive titles with Ferrari, Hamilton's six in seven seasons with Mercedes, or Vettel's four ties with Red Bull.

There are cases of pilots who returned to the throne after a long period of time, for example Hamilton himself who after his first title in 2008 had to wait until 2014 to start a triumphal stage that continues today. They were six years like those that awaited in his time Brabham or Hill.

The longest interval corresponds to Niki Lauda, champion for the second time in 1997 and for the third time in 1984, seven years later. A long time, no doubt, but in any case half of the time that separates Alonso from his treble today. Will it break the statistic?

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