Alocen knocks on the door

The handy guard repeats another very good performance and, in the third period, scores 10 points in three minutes. Madrid suffers in the end despite getting 16 up in the last quarter.


Madrid does not crack. Laso yelled it out loud the other day, and we saw him again in this Euroleague. With very clear ideas, with defense (he left the rival in 33% in shots of two and in 34% in triples) and rebound (42 to 31), the whites caught a valuable victory in Berlin, against Alba de Aíto who had in the clever Luke Sikma his strong man. In the Real, Carlos Alocén already knocks on the door without dissimulation. He needed nerve, even if he started from third base (or maybe because of that), and Madrid his quality and his legs to run. Deck competed at a good level again, Abalde and Thompkins are still in a solid line and Causeur had the minutes he had claimed with his game against the PAO at the Mercedes-Benz Arena. One of the keys to victory: 13 points and 5 assists. And Tavares? It never fails. This time he came to the rescue alongside Causeur when his team had lost 14 of their 16-point lead. He entered the court with 1:57 remaining (63-65) and resolved.

Madrid had just beaten Panathinaikos on Wednesday with a great performance (finally) by Deck and with Alocen's first notable appearance. Laso placed the point guard again as the starter and, midway through the first quarter, his defense-attack connection with Abalde and Garuba, the young core, left the best moments of the night. Fast feet and hands behind and a succession of actions at full speed, for a moment reminded us of the first stage of the Laso era. A stretch of vertigo, also with some loss, logical when you take risks while accelerating, in which it went from a tie to 10 to 10-18.

Alocén accumulated 4 assists in 8 minutes and had the fans with their nails nailed in the arms of the chair. The whirlwind died down with an almost massive change from the quintet. Llull and Rudy entered the scene, the forward took a blow again, this time in the cervicals when he collided head-on with Granger, but he recovered soon. The second act was the push from Thompkins (9 points), who was sweating talent with every offensive move. The rebound was a great ally.

At the restart, Alocén, Abalde and Garuba came together again on the court and the best ... the coach's patience. Mistakes followed one another and Causeur acted as a buoy until the Alocén show arrived: penetration, triple, 2 + 1 class and a new entry overflowing with his pair. All in 100 seconds.

Tavares and Causeur return urgently

Madrid faced the fourth period with a +12, which would be +16 (47-63) after the second of the three baskets in a row from Taylor, a silent assists receiver, the first after a run into the open field and the next two after two good cuts that Thompkins's mind was watching. The one in Lithonia, by the way, is getting better and better. A polished weapon to add to your magazine. And yet Alba's reaction (Fontecchio and Eriksson) was so fast that in seconds the impression was that there was still a lot ahead. And boy did it remain!

The white blackout cost him a scare and almost something else: express partial 11-0 and 63-65 three minutes from the horn after Granger's eighth assist. Alba executed on the perimeter after breaking, first, and then circulating the ball very well. His culminating moment of the duel. Lo and Mattisseck had it in their hands to complete the comeback and marred. In front, Causeur and Tavares, who had scared off with a blow to the knee, returned to stop the fall to lead: Edy's defensive rebound and 2 + 1 later with a pass from the Frenchman. A steal by Thompkins (it also grows behind) and the success of Deck, in connection with Fabien, finished in the last minute. Back to the noble zone, in the top four, where you look straight ahead at the Final Four. Almost a miracle with so much avatar.

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