Almería gets everything

José Gomes' team is thrown into the fight for direct promotion and also wants to make history in the Cup. It has a defined style of play in which rotations are not noticed.


Almería is in a sweet state, fighting for the most expensive direct promotion in recent years and in the second round of the Copa del Rey after the exhibition in which they beat Alavés de Abelardo in all aspects of the game. The rojiblanco team wins and convinces, with plenty of arguments for the most skeptical. However, some matches that he might have choked on in the past, such as the one in Soria eleven days ago, are even removed by a dynamic that has not been seen in the Mediterranean Games Stadium for a long time. Fran Fernández reversed the fatalistic defeat two seasons ago; however, 'ascent' was a forbidden term, by Almería. With ambition again last year with the arrival of the new property, the indálico team is now going like a rocket and it seems to have no roof.

After the bad league start, in which the Almeria occupied the penultimate place (lost three of their first four games), José Gomes has made his team grow like foam to treat Espanyol and Mallorca, contesting direct promotion despite that Catalans and Balearics are breaking all records. Almería has won 15 of their last 18 games (one draw and two defeats complete the balance) and if they win their postponed match in Leganés, they would be promoted directly for the first time this season.

Yesterday, with more lights on because of having a First Division rival in front of them, the Almeria team showed many of what it is capable of this season, giving reasons to think about promotion and that even a stay in the top flight would not be unreasonable with the current template. After misleading the press with what was rehearsed during the week, Gomes surprised by putting those who have been the longest to fight against Alavés so that they would not lose a rhythm as their last league duel was postponed due to snow. The Portuguese coach is standing out with his extreme rotations in such a tight schedule, even changing the eleven starters from one match to another, something he has done on more than one occasion.

The Almeria team behaves the same in the Stadium of the Mediterranean Games as far from their fiefdom, having in front of a First or a Second that struggles to avoid relegation. Although it is a nuanced data, no other team in the silver category has more possession than the UDA, with 57.9%. In LaLiga, only Real Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla surpass him. Gomes, with an ultra-defensive label on his debut, likes to get the ball played from behind, the goalkeeper (both Makaridze and Fernando) having a fundamental importance in this, joining him Cuenca, central with the stamp of La 'Masía'. Taking care of the ball is one of the premises in a team that practices a lot of inside play to leave the lanes to Balliu and Akieme.

Samu and Morlanes are other proper names within the rojiblanco choral game, sublime in the work of destruction and construction, starring in exhibitions in the core week in and week out as well. And above, Umar Sadiq has been unleashed, betting on a top scorer who is not cheap at all. The Nigerian already has nine goals in the league and two in the Cup, the philosophy of his coach going like a glove, both with that game on his back and when it comes to throwing breakaways. All this in a group that stands out for its good atmosphere and that always wants more, fixing early season moles, like the performance at home. With the lesson learned from last year's winter window, Almería de Gomes, who is already being compared to the legendary Emery, aspires to everything.

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