Alex Zanardi speaks again

After the last interventions, after his terrible 'handbike' accident, the ex-pilot has been able to communicate with his relatives.


Good news comes from Italy about the recovery of Alex Zanardi, who is recovering from the serious accident he suffered with his handbike while competing in the Obiettivo 3 relay event last June. After undergoing several delicate operations, the former driver has spoken again, according to Corriere dello Sport.

The progression of Zanardi continues, as the patient was awake and recognized people around him, but could not speak due to a tracheostomy. "The brain returned to a safe condition, began to weave the connections again," explain the neuroscientists who attend to the ex-pilot, thus confirming these advances

And the last of them is explained by Federica Alemanno, a neuroscientist at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, who has subjected Zanardi to awake neurosurgery, a delicate intervention that the specialist details and after which the patient has regained speech: "I am the first to see the patient who is a candidate for surgery. I submit him to a test to find out what his cognitive abilities are, to later be checked in the operating room. Before putting the scalpel into action, the surgeon simulates, with electrical stimulation, the operation zone by zone. For example, if we are in the memory zone, I propose to the patient, sedated but not asleep, the photograph of his wife. If he recognizes her, it means that the scalpel will not damage this function and the surgeon can proceed. The objective is not only the survival of the patient, but also to safeguard their cognitive functions as much as possible and ensure the best possible quality of life. "

After the successes of the treatments and interventions, the ex-pilot has achieved a new miracle in his struggle to recover: "It was a great emotion when he began to speak, no one believed him. He was there! And he communicated with his family," he declared German

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