Adrián Campos, a life dedicated to motorsport

Passionate about this sport, he came to compete in Formula 1 and supported many young drivers, including Fernando Alonso.


Adrián Campos Suñer (Alzira, Valencia, June 17, 1960) died yesterday at the age of 60 after a lifetime of dedication to what was his great passion, sports car racing. Raised in a wealthy family (his grandfather, Luis Suñer, became one of the most prominent Spanish businessmen), he was attracted to careers from a very young age.His career in single-seaters began with Formula 3 between 1981 and 1985, making the leap to Formula 3000 (then the prelude to Formula 1) in 1986 with the Lola team, in addition to obtaining a contract as a test driver for the Tyrrell F1 team. His great moment would come in 1987, when thanks to the support of his sponsors he obtained a steering wheel for the premier class with the Minardi team.

He competed in the Grand Prix for two seasons, competing for 21 of them and qualifying as 17. However, the competitiveness of that car was far from desirable, deciding to leave the World Championship after only two races in 1988, the season in which he joined to the Luis Pérez-Sala team.

New challenges

Out of the grand prix and somewhat disenchanted with the experience, although this does not mean that he is considered one of the Spanish precursors of F1 in its modern era, Campos decides to continue his sporting career in Tourism competitions, competes between 1994 and 1997 in the Spanish specialty Championship as an Alfa Romeo driver, winning the title in the season of his debut.

As of 1998 he left active competition to create his own racing structure, a Campos Racing team that from that moment became a fishing ground for young drivers and even great champions, the most outstanding of them being Fernando Alonso, although also other prominent names such as Antonio García and Marc Gené won titles with the team in Formula Nissan.

Since then and for more than a decade, the Alzira team devoted himself to carrying out different sports programs in categories such as GP2 (a structure that he then sold to Alejandro Agag), Formula 2 or Formula 3. Always very focused on training Young drivers as well as technical competition professionals, Campos was tempted to return to Formula 1 with a Spanish team.

However, his attempts never came to fruition in the way he would have liked, the project of Hispania Racing (later HRT) being especially frustrating, from which he was pushed aside by his partners until ending in a real disaster at all levels that forced his disappearance.

Adrián Campos was also a key person in the sports career of a great motorcycle champion like Jorge Martínez 'Aspar', whom he helped financially in the beginning and allowed him to demonstrate the talent that later led him to win four world crowns. Precisely together with his friend from Alzira he worked so that Formula 1 would reach Valencia, creating a spectacular grand prize in the city of Turia until his disappearance from the World Championship due to different scandals of a political nature.

For this year he planned to continue with his projects within the circumstances allowed by the pandemic. Sources close to Adrián have confirmed to AS that days ago he was animated and in perfect condition, so his sudden death is a real blow to national motorsports.

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