Abramovich seeks to 'Germanize' Chelsea

Nagelsmann, Rangnick, Tuchel and even Hasenhüttl are part of the shortlist of candidates for the 'blue' bench. Follow in the footsteps of Klopp's Liverpool, the goal.


At the beginning of December, Lampard's supersonic Chelsea puzzle wasn't complete, but he was taking the right steps. After eleven days, the Londoners marched in third position with 22 points in a tough contest with Tottenham and Liverpool, leaders with 24. A month and a half later, the leadership is more than three games away, 11 points, the distance that separates from United. An eighth position and a feeling of installed doubt that is not in line with the almost 250 million euros invested in the summer.

However, the results are not the greatest concern, but rather a dangerous lack of identity that means that options are already being considered in the noble part of the club, as 'The Athletic' highlights. And in this search for identity, this medium points in the direction of a specific country, Germany. Roman Abramovich trusts Lampard, but there are reservations and the success of the horde of Teutonic coaches in modern football draws attention, and a lot, in the Stamford Bridge offices. Julian Nagelsmann, Ralph Rangnick, Thomas Tuchel or Ralph Hasenhüttl appear in the pools revealed by this medium.

The love for a German coach is not accidental and less so in a major Premier League, as the precedent set by Jurgen Klopp could hardly have been more successful. Not only because of the extras that he has contributed to Liverpool's record, but also because he has achieved that the Reds' style of play is recognizable and is an extension of the tactical ideology of his coach. In short, that identity that Lampard's Chelsea suffers from. Klopp has been with the German technicians the same as Guardiola was with the Spanish in his day or Mourinho with the Portuguese. In London they already joined the Mourinho trend by hiring André Villas-Boas and now they intend to join the Jurgen fashion.

In search of the awakening of the stars

Last year, Lampard managed the hot potato that was the team of which he is legend. With no option to sign, sanction through, he used the new sap of young people like Tammy Abraham or Mason Mount to act as medicine for possible headaches. The result was successful. Qualified for the Champions League, a solid base was achieved to add the millionaire pieces that were cooked. Havertz, Werner, Chilwell, Ziyech and even a substitute for Kepa (Mendy), accompanied by a free and experienced Thiago Silva, completed a recipe that was presumed infallible.

However, despite the green shoots at the beginning of the season, the results were coming, but it was still to find a solid game with which the team could identify. The schemes danced and the two big stars, Havertz (80 million) and Werner (53), did not shine. In that instability, the points began to stop arriving and in a month and a half the doubts have been in crescendo. While the performance of Timo and Kai has followed the opposite slope. Germans and from the Bundesliga, both, here come into play the shortlist of wished that manages 'The Athletic'.

One goal and three assists for the former Leverkusen and four and five for the former Leipzig in the Premier. Insufficient baggage. But beyond statistics is the feeling that neither one nor the other have found a place in Lampard's schemes. A technician who has tried to change his drawing and the positions of his stars without discovering the secret potion. As a false striker, behind the '9' or heeled to a band, the first; as a reference or as the extreme left the second, each day drier. But the key has not been pressed.

The Bundesliga as an energy drink

Hence the Nagelsmann (the most desired), Tuchel, Rangnick and Hasenhüttl enter the scene. All of them have proven experience in the Bundesliga, the competition in which Kai and Timo shone, as well as sharing a language with the aforementioned protagonists. In addition, in all cases they have managed to make their teams draw a recognizable style of play. Nagelsmann is, at 33, the favorite for his success and tactical variety. Rangnick was the architect who made the Red Bull machinery work like a charm. In Tuchel's case, his success at Dortmund and Mainz 05 is pursued more than in Paris.

While the last on the list, Hassenhüttl, has a powerful point in his favor: he already trained Werner at Leipzig before taking charge of Southampton, where he has also managed to impregnate the team with his idea and is one of the coaches of the moment in the Premier. As he has shown on several occasions his opinion about the use made of his former ward, who he considers that he is not being handled in the best of ways. Resuscitating the strong investments of the summer are the main task entrusted to whoever is sitting on the blue bench. If Lampard cannot, at Chelsea they seem to be clear about where they want his successor to come from ... 444 444

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