A duel marked by casualties

Both Tenerife and Fuenlabrada will not be able to count on important men for tonight due to injuries and sanctions (20:30, Mov. LaLiga).


The intensity of the category is starting to take its toll on many teams. Among them Tenerife and Fuenlabrada who have problems putting together their line-ups due to constant injuries (follow the game live on AS.com). In the case of locals, casualties have been concentrated in the gangs, while in Madrid it is more distributed.

Luis Miguel Ramis, at least, will be able to recover Suso, although the captain was participating quite little in his plans and Nono, recovered from his breakdown. Zarfino, meanwhile, will be in doubt until the last minute. José Ramón Sandoval, meanwhile, has accumulated casualties: Sotillos, Sekou, Juanma, Pol Valentín or Rocic were joined this week by Aldair Fuentes. Only Pathé Ciss leaves the infirmary, although he is unlikely to have the minutes.

In that sense, in Tenerife the doubts are in the center of the field since Shashoua, Bermejo or Jacobo, alternatives for the flanks, will not be able to be (once again). On the left it seems that it will be repeated with Álex Muñoz and Pomares -although Nono is already ready-, while on the right there are some more options: Suso return, Vada follow or Moore advance his position so that Kakabadze occupies the right side of defense. The rest, it seems, will repeat.

Fuenlabrada, meanwhile, will have to bet for the umpteenth time this season on an emergency eleven where only the midfielder is perennial with the shortlist Ibán Salvador, Nteka and Mula. The defense of two or three center-backs will have their defensive bastions in the Diéguez-Pulido couple with Pol Valentín and Glauder as stilettos on the lanes. The engine room also leaves no room for doubt with Cristóbal as conductor and Jano as 'broom car'. The latter will act as the third center-back when the azulones decide on this system.

A laps with the casualties and laps with the system are also in the Fernando Torres and the fact is that the team has varied its disposition on the mat in the last duels, even within the game itself. This, at times, has been able to play against the Kirikos who have found themselves lost and without ideas. It was seen against Alcorcón where in the first part where 3-5-2 prevailed, Sandoval's men were missing. However, when they settled for a classic 4-4-2, a more direct Fuenlabrada was seen, with more presence in the field and, ultimately, better.CLAVESA Absences

Although Ramis recovers Suso, the absences of Nono, Bermejo and Shashoua determine the choice for the occupants in the bands.

Promised land

Fuenlabrada still does not know defeat in its visits to the Canary Islands. Accumulate three wins and a draw. Against Tenerife, maintaining the streak is key.


There was a huge defensive improvement (five games without conceding goals), but last matchday Tenerife conceded in the first arrival.

Finding the point

The Garcés-Nteka duo can be a factory of smiles for the Fuenlabreña parish. During the visit to Tenerife, they have another opportunity to strengthen their 'relationship'.

As to follow Fran Sol

If the Madrilenian is well assisted, he can be the key for Tenerife to return to victories. It is usually very effective.


The veteran has emerged as a great solution for Sandoval in the last stage of competition. Valid in the midfield; essential in defense.

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