A day of reunion with the fans and old friends in El Molinón

Sporting and Betis recover footballers affected by the coronavirus in a match that will have an audience in the Gijon stadium for the first time in a year.


The Copa del Rey arrives at El Molinón-Quini with a match full of reunions. In the stands, with the public, since it will be the first time that there will be fans (300 are the lucky ones) in the Gijon stadium for almost a year; and on the grass, because the duel will measure two teams united by different circumstances in recent decades (follow the match live on As.com) .

It will also be a reunion match for footballers from both teams. Both Sporting and Betis today recover players who were in isolation at the beginning of the year well for having been infected with coronavirus. And they also recover injured.

Thus, David Gallego can already count on Pablo Pérez, Manu García, Pedro Díaz, Nacho Méndez, Gragera, Gaspar, Guille and Pelayo at Sporting. Goalkeeper Diego Mariño is the only one left to rejoin. The coach said that everyone, with the exception of the Galician goal, has trained normally and are available.

Betis, meanwhile, comes after a good run of results and a better image that culminated in the victory against Huesca, led by a great Canales, who after overcoming his injury has returned to greatly relieve his team. Precisely the Cantabrian's contest from the beginning is Pellegrini's great doubt for this afternoon, because he is not yet at full physical capacity and next week there are two important league commitments.In any case, the Chilean coach has recovered this week several of those footballers who have managed to overcome the coronavirus (Joaquín, Guardado and Montoya) or an injury (Carvalho and Tello). Guarded and Tello are the ones who have entered the call for Gijón and have options to play at the beginning.

The favorite is Betis, but Sporting wants to show why they were the revelation team in the first round of the league. It is not in David Gallego's plans to waste the opportunity that the field factor gives him to sneak into the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey.

The keys to the match

Ambition: David Gallego wants to continue ahead in the Cup and is committed to presenting an uncomfortable match to Betis, with his best weapons.

Betis improvement: The return of Canales and the inclusion of some meritorious players has given Betis a more competitive air. It remains to be seen what happens with the foreseeable changes that Pellegrini makes today.

Minimareona: El Molinón will once again receive sportinguista fans. La Mareona will be represented by 300 lucky people who will follow the game from the stands.

As to follow

Djurdjevic: He is the top scorer for Sporting and the Second Division, along with Raúl de Tomás. Gallego's team's options go through his level of success.

Joel: The Madrid goalkeeper, who does not play in the league if he is well Bravo, should return to three suits. Another exam for him.

Highs and lows

Pedro Díaz, Gragera, Manu García, Nacho Méndez, Gaspar, Guille Rosas and Pelayo return to Sporting. The only absence is Mariño.

Pellegrini once again has Guarded and Tello. The injured Bartra, Camarasa and the Asturian goalkeeper Dani Martín, who operated this week precisely in Gijón, continue to be absent.

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