A complicated future for PSG's Fantastic Four

Mauricio Pochettino has resources at the top but he will have to test if it is worth it to align Di Maria, Neymar, Mbappé and Icardi together.


It will be the dream of many coaches but, today, it is only the day to day of one. Mauricio Pochettino has Neymar, Kylian Mbappé, Mauro Icardi and Ángel Di María at his command almost every day of the year (except for payrolls and holidays) for the task of scoring goals alongside two illustrious squires such as Pablo Sarabia and Moise Kean. A set of 'weapons' with which he continues to rehearse for Barcelona, the first major test.

A few weeks after having to face Koeman's men, the Argentine resolves the commitments effectively and in search of hitting the key. In the last game, against Angers, he took out all the ammunition with Moise Kean at the top, Mbappé on the left, Di María on the right and Neymar, in the lane of '10', a habitat in which the game focuses more and where he feels most comfortable in his maturity. To compensate, Verratti and Paredes held the medium. The problem and the solution were the bands.

With Kurzawa and Florenzi in the rear, two more offensive full-backs, PSG opened their lanes and almost dropped two points along the way except for Keylor Navas. There, too, the Frenchman ended up solving with a rebound, which he reached on a rise from behind. Both striker, but one side resolved a game that ended up winning by the minimum and without any goal from the quartet.

Thus, from Paris, they consider the usefulness of this formula in the face of more substantial appointments and its future looks complicated. The problem? The balance of the team and the defensive involvement of the attackers.

In the Angers coach, as Parisien notes, he was already able to detect the problem. "When we switched from one band to another two or three times we felt that we could run there. We knew there would be spaces in the band and this was especially the case in the first half. This scheme involves defensive efforts and obviously these players don't play for that. ", he explained at a press conference. His approach, more than correct, was left without a prize.

A game as a reference

In the Super Cup final against Marseille, Pochettino initially bet on Paredes and Herrera in the middle with Verratti in the midfielder. Conditioned by a Neymar who was back, it is true, but propping up the center of the field, where Villas-Boas planted a trivote in addition to two 'liquid' attackers such as Thauvin and Payet, which force the medium to act more.

Although it ended with four attackers, since Sarabia entered in 1990, it cannot be said that he applied this formula that is now being discussed.Avalanche Balance

Is it more likely to score if more forwards pile up? This is the big question. The context of the game and the profile of the players will mark the decision but no one assures that this is the case. As Moulin pointed out at a press conference, the idea depends on the defensive sacrifice that Mbappé, Neymar, Mauro Icardi and Ángel Di María are willing to make.

The latter, without a doubt, is the one that is understood the most sacrifice. Although he started out as a winger, Di Ma did shine as a midfielder in the last stage at Real Madrid alongside Ancelotti, where he had defensive implications.

From Neymar, Mbappé or Icardi, we can expect an important work of conviction from Mauricio if they want to reunite as the Fantastic Four on the green. If there is no commitment behind, the appearance of a midfielder with a different profile seems obliged and one of the four will go straight to the bench.

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