A central problem

The loss of Aythami, which takes place on Friday, forces Las Palmas to rethink the axis behind it. The distance between Suárez and Curbelo with the rest, abysmal.


Limping as it was, or almost, since the match against Málaga (0-0), played on October 11 in the beautiful capital of the Costa del Sol, Aythami Artiles's Achilles heel has said enough. It was the captain of Las Palmas himself, who played his last game against Mirandés (November 25) and has been out since then, who confirmed yesterday that on Friday he will be operated on for those persistent discomfort in the Achilles tendon.

Despite the fact that both Pepe Mel (coach) and Miguel Ángel Ramírez (president) announced days ago that missing the rest of the season was taken for granted, Artiles opened the door of hope yesterday. "They have told me that I can return in three months, so my goal is to arrive to play some games. I did not want to be selfish and I put my file at the disposal of the club," he said yesterday on the entity's radio station. In any case, this new physical setback within the Las Palmas squad, the never ending story since the Barranco Seco Sports City was inaugurated, gives the team a 'central' problem.

Dismissed for a long period Aythami, who until his injury had played 882 minutes this course in ten games, all as a starter, the gap between the rest of the opponents in the center of the rear is too great. It so happens that Mel does not doubt Curbelo, who is also meritorious as a right-back, 1,131 minutes in 17 games, and much less of Álex Suárez, who has amassed 20 starts in all the stakes in which he has participated for a total of 1,750 minutes to date, undisputed leader of Las Palmas in this section. From there, the abyss.

Tomás Cardona is not there and probably is not expected, a participant also in all the pools that place him as one of the discards announced by MÁR. Certain muscular problems and the continuing excuse of his adaptation weighed down Mel's confidence, and so far he has only played three games, against Leganés, Castellón and Albacete, and just 196 minutes. Nor is it that Ismael Athuman is doing much better despite Mel's insistence in the summer to make him a professional record, with the Kenyan international accumulating three games and 270 minutes. Las Palmas also has the resource of Saúl Coco, but the kid from the quarry has barely participated in the Copa del Rey.

The numbers sing and the distance between the Suárez-Curbelo duo and the rest of the centrals is so great that the club could be accelerating the efforts to reinforce the axis of the rear, so damaged in these times. Despite the fact that the entity announces that no reinforcements will arrive to the first team unless they are from the house, with Rafa Mujica waiting and Dani Ojeda already in Alcorcón, it is time to look abroad to reinforce the defense despite the insistence of the coach and leaders in looking towards the quarry. Frantic weeks are coming in the offices of the Sports Union.

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