395 million in Real Madrid signings are in the air

The investment in players in the last three summers has been inconsequential and only Courtois and Mendy have been installed in the eleven.


Real Madrid is at a crossroads. A situation that has exposed the last bad results (two draws and a loss in the last four games) after Zidane has insisted (and squeezed), over and over again, on the same players. The times of the Second Unit or Unit B are already part of the past. The French coach made that term fashionable in the season of the historic double, which was achieved in Madrid 59 years later. But on that occasion the wardrobe was luxurious: James, the best Isco, Varane (Pepe was the starter with Ramos), Kovacic, Danilo, Lucas Vázquez, Morata ... Now, Zidane does not seem to trust what is behind him. And they are, neither more nor less, the signings of the last three summers, 395 million euros of investment, which are on the air. Due to bad luck or due to an error in the hiring strategy, only Courtois (35 million) and Mendy (48) have installed with guarantees in the eleven.

It is three summers in which Real Madrid has not been able to reinforce its starting eleven. In 2020 he didn't even try, just brought Odegaard back from his assignment as the main new face. In the summer market of 2019, however, if he made a strong outlay on players who have been inconsequential: Hazard (100 million, not counting 40 in variables), Jovic (60), Militao (50), Rodrygo (40) and Reinier (30). And in the previous one, that of 2018, a significant amount of money was also spent: Vinicius (45), Odriozola (30), Mariano (22) and Brahim (17). None of the names in this relationship has made any guarantees, even, of forming a solid B-Unit.

This is the diagnosis that is made of the team's problems from the coaching staff, where Zidane has decided to cut his losses, although sometimes his decisions contradict the line set by the directive. For example, in the cases of three men pending renewal who are, today, fundamental in the eleven type: Ramos, Modric and Lucas Vázquez. Or as in the manifest lack of opportunities for Jovic, whom Zidane has never considered as an alternative to Benzema.

There is a very revealing fact. Six of the players who played the final of the first Champions won by Zidane (in 2016) are part of the current eleven somewhat aged type of the French. They are Carvajal, Ramos, Casemiro, Kroos, Modric and Benzema. Seven if we count Lucas Vázquez (who entered that final from the bench). On the contrary, none of the nine players in which Madrid has invested 395 million in the last three summers (in fact, in two, because the third did not spend money) has been able to settle in that starting eleven.

Now the Real Madrid board of directors takes account because each and every one of those players hired for 395 million has lowered its market value. Especially alarming are the cases of Hazard (120 million when Madrid brought him, 50 now), Odriozola (30 million in 2018, 10 now), Jovic (60 million two markets ago, 20 now), or Vinicius (who came to have an appraisal of 70 million and now it is at 40, five less than what it cost). All, in short, have been proven as failed operations over time.

On the contrary, what has increased at Real Madrid is the wage bill. These signings have brought the total of what the club pays in salaries (between athletes and employees) this season to 448 million. A very high figure if compared to the 617 million in which the projection of ordinary income due to the coronavirus crisis has remained, and that leaves the ECA coefficient (the percentage of what is paid in salaries with respect to the total of income) in 72%, when the agency recommends not to exceed 70%. Madrid hopes to catch a breath with the increase in income that the new stadium will entail and with the end of the crisis, but it is already evidence that the last three summers can be considered as periods of lost transfers, even though the investment has been very high.

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