Zidane: "We have suffered a lot"

The Real Madrid coach acknowledged that in the second half Levante had chances to have scored. He still thinks his team is missing things.


Zidane has analyzed the game in Movistar of his team against Levante, recognizing that Real Madrid have gone through difficulties in the second half.

Analysis: "It was a suffered game. We had chances in the second half to kill him, the game would have been different. We suffered a lot because they also had chances. We entered the game very well"

Sensations: "Happy for the first half, but the game is 90 minutes. It is the beginning of the season and we know that we are missing something, offensively and defensively. Not playing perfectly, we add up. There is a lack of regularity. I am happy with the effort, they have given everything . I have seen it against this same rival. They have good moments that you must contain.

Errors: "In our pressure in the second half, they came out of it. We have to see the whole game. You still don't arrive physically. The opponent puts in a little more energy and has two or three chances. I'm very happy to stop. He team is working well together, wanting to show ".

Afterwards, at a press conference, the coach discussed more details of the match.

The team started well and diluted after a few minutes in the second part. Why the downturn ?: "This is football. There is an opponent who also has good moments in the game and it is normal. We started the first half well, also the first minutes of the second. We could put the second and it would have been a different game In the end we suffer, in a game you have to suffer to win. They have had good moments, two or three occasions, the normal thing in a game ".

Courtois is more decisive every day. Are you concerned ?: "We have achieved two or three times in the second half. We wanted to continue pressing up and they came out of our pressure. We must be proud and happy of what the boys did. There are three victories and a draw in four games What more am I going to ask for? I would have liked to score the second before, because we've had chances and if you score, the game changes. "

It is strange that the Madrid goalkeeper ends up being the best in the four days. Are you worried about the lack of a goal and not closing before the game ?: “I'm not worried. The season has just started at the end. When you are not well the 90 minutes, the problem is adding and we have added today. Courtois is part of the team, he has saved us and that is what a goalkeeper wants to do, save the team from time to time. We have had occasions, we create and that is good. We are going to try to make our goal suffer less. ”

What advice do you give Vinicius to see the door more frequently ?: “Today he has put in. What am I going to ask you. He tries to work, he tries to improve whenever he can. Today you have to be happy. I'm not going to talk about a failure, I want to talk about the positive, about his goal, which was beautiful. "

The worst feeling that the game leaves you are precisely the chances you have conceded? “It doesn't leave me feeling bad. It is true that Levante have had two or three occasions. We know that we can improve and grant less and that is what we are going to try to do. We are left with the positive, which is that we kept a clean sheet and scored two goals. ”

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