Zidane dresses as Simeone

Madrid increasingly transforms their goals into points. The coach has managed to put together a solid team in defense that makes the most of his attack.


Match by match. Goal for goal. The offensive production essential to achieve victory. Zidane's Madrid with a formula for success increasingly similar to Atlético de Simeone. In football, those who score a goal more than the rival wins and the leagues are conquered by those who manage to repeat it more times, adding the tip of the draws. Madrid is clinging to that maxim to conquer what was its League 34 and start the current championship as leader despite having one game less than many teams (and one more than a few other teams). It is an effective Madrid. He has won 13 of his last 15 league games and has scratched one point from the other two (one of them, Leganés, inconsequential for the whites). But it is also an efficient Madrid. Score points with fewer and fewer resources.

And we are not talking about the austerity that, conditioned by the coronavirus crisis, has meant that for the first time in 40 years there are no signings beyond the return of three loaners (Odegaard, Odriozola and Lunin), but the performance in points that Madrid take out their goals. In the 15 league games he has played after confinement, 27 goals have been enough to add 41 points. That is, each goal earns him 1.52 points. An extraordinary profitability that, in addition, Zidane is perfecting with the passage of the games.

The French technician has made a virtue of necessity. With the departure of Cristiano Madrid lost goals. Many. The average 3.6 goals per league game that the Whites reached in some sections of the Portuguese stage have now fallen right in the middle: 1.8 in the 15 league games after confinement.In that situation, and as the seasons progressed, Zidane has been getting more juice from his team's goals. From Benítez he inherited a ratio of 0.79 points added for each goal in favor. The same season of his debut he raised it to 0.84 and has continued to climb. Last season Madrid sang the alirón transforming each goal into 1.24 points. Only Valencia champions in 2001-02 (1.47 points for each goal), precisely with Benítez, made the most of their goals in the era of three points for victory. The previous championship winner who had lifted the title with more than one point per goal was Atlético del Cholo (1.17 in 2013-14) .

Madrid's trend has also increased in recent games. If before confinement he scored 1.14 points for each goal, in the 11 games in the final stretch it amounted to 1.48. And not for. Although they are not yet representative data due to how little the season has progressed, in the four league games the leader has scored 10 points with just 6 goals scored: 1.67 points per goal.

The key to making the most of the diminishing offensive production lies in the own goal. In the 14 league games he has played after confinement, Courtois has conceded 6 goals. An average of 0.43 goals even better than the 0.59 that made him the first white Zamora in 12 years.

In the 31 league games that Courtois has played in the last calendar year, he has remained unbeaten in 19 and in the other 12 they have scored 15 goals. On the other hand, in his first 34 league games as a Real Madrid player, he had conceded 43 goals (1.26 per game) and only managed to leave a clean sheet in 10 games. In the absence of goals in the rival goal, keeping one's own at zero are the foundations of victory.

Eight victories for the minimum

Madrid has resolved with victory 13 of the 15 league games it has played after the break due to the pandemic. Of those 13 wins, 8 have been by a goal difference: Real Sociedad (1-2), Espanyol (0-1), Getafe (1-0), Athletic (0-1), Granada (1-2), Villarreal (2-1), Betis (2-3) and Valladolid (1-0). Madrid have not scored 4 goals in a league match since the victory (1-4) against Osasuna at El Sadar on February 9 (23rd match of the last league) .

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