Zarco accepts sportingly that Ducati chose Bagnaia

Both and Jorge Martín starred in the last Ducati movements for 2021 and showed their happiness at the Le Mans press conference.


MotoGP has seen fit to bring together Francesco Bagnaia, Johann Zarco and Jorge Martín at the press conference that kicked off the French GP, the three of them news last week when Ducati announced the final touches of its roster of drivers for the season 2021. The Spanish will go from Moto2 to MotoGP to enroll in the Pramac Ducati box, where he will have the French as a partner. He has lost the battle with Bagnaia for being chosen as the new driver for the official team, so he will finally change the Esponsorma box for the other satellite team from Borgo Panigale's house.

Pecco has perfectly defined what the choice of Ducati means for him, so that he continues to share a box with Jack Miller, but from next year dressed in red in the official box: "It's music to my ears and I think we've deserved that I signed, because the truth is that I finished the races very strong and always in front, although we had a bit of bad luck with the leg injury and also with the engine breakdown. Perhaps that is why we did not have the luck that we deserved. But our bike is very strong and we can feel very satisfied with the work we have done. Although we have to be more constant to finish the races, we are there.

As for Martín, that's how he values the jump to MotoGP. “I am very excited because after a long career I finally achieved the dream of getting into MotoGP. I already feel the pressure to be at this press conference and have everyone look at me. But hey, I have already competed with many of the riders who are here in my career and I think it was the right time and the right place to jump into MotoGP. ”On the reason for doing it with Ducati instead of KTM, with which he could also have gone up, he said: "I had different options on the table and I thought that the best option was this. It is true that now KTM is very strong, but I am very satisfied with my decision. " The Madrilenian is aware of the promotion that Ducati now has with young talents: “The bike is fantastic and all the Ducati riders are strong. Pecco struggled the first year but he would be fighting for the title if he hadn't been injured. I don't expect too much from my freshman year, I will try to learn as much as I can and after a few races I will know if I can fight to be ahead. ”

Martín was also asked about his positive for COVID-19: “With the races that I have missed, the possibilities of the Moto2 title have escaped me. Now I think I have nothing to lose. I will try to be on the podium in all the races that remain, because without the pressure of making mistakes and I have my future resolved. So I will try to be in every race in the top three. ”

Y Zarco has taken it with philosophy to stay out of the official team, among other things because he will have the same Ducati as Bagnaia: "The truth is that it makes me feel good where I am going to end up landing next year, because it is with a winning motorcycle. I know that I still have a lot to learn from the Ducati. We still need to square everything, but I think I'm on the right track and thanks to the brand I will have everything I need to be able to learn to the fullest until the end of the season and put it all together. at the service of next season. Pecco has shown that he deserved that position in the factory team and I believe that I will take an important step as I will have a very similar bike next year. That is why I am happy and motivated since a year ago, in October, we did not have the same situation and now I know the road ahead ".

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