Yamaha rules out Lorenzo for now to replace Rossi

Meregalli says that they have no intention of relieving Valentino either at the Teruel GP and that they would only turn to Jorge for Cheste, but first they would make him roll.


Yamaha rules out, for the moment, resorting to Jorge Lorenzo, test pilot of the tuning fork brand, as a replacement for Valentino Rossi in case he also could not participate next week in the Teruel GP. The Italian has stayed at home for this first appointment in Alcañiz for testing positive for Coronavirus and his brand would only resort to the Spanish one in case he could not be for Valencia, on November 11, and making it clear that they would make him roll before, because They did not see him very fit in the Portimao test last week.

Meregalli told Dazn: "Valentino is fine. It has been an unpleasant surprise for us, but he is not the only one to catch it. We must wait until he can return as best as possible. We have not thought of replacing him for Aragon 1 and very We will probably not substitute him for Aragón 2. In the regulations we have a period of ten days to be able to find a substitute for the official driver, and I don't think we will substitute him for Aragón 2. It would be another thing if he couldn't be in Valencia either. In that case Yes, we would replace him. Jorge could be the candidate. In the Portimao test we saw that he had been eight months without riding a motorcycle and he needs to regain his rhythm, speed, acceleration, braking. If it were him, we would surely make him ride in motorcycle between Aragon and Valencia ".

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