Wheelchair tennis, a source of inspiration for Djokovic

The Serbian went to one of the semifinals of the wheelchair doubles draw with the victory of Gusti Fernández and Shingo Kunieda. "They are the true champions," he declared.


Novak Djokovic faces the semifinals at Roland Garros this Friday, where he will face Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas for a place in Sunday's grand final. Taking advantage of the fact that this Thursday he did not have to compete, Djokovic took a tour of the Roland Garros venue to see more games.Thus, Djokovic witnessed the semifinals of the wheelchair doubles tournament in which the pair formed by the Argentine Gusti Fernández and the Japanese Shingo Kunieda beat the French pair formed by Stéphane Houdet and Nicolas Peifer, first favorites for the title, by 3 -6, 6-3 and 12-10 in the playoff game in the third set.

In his social networks, the Serbian wanted to highlight the great example of improvement shown by these tennis players when playing their games. "I have a lot of admiration for tennis players who play in wheelchairs. It is so inspiring to watch them play on a tennis court. How can they move the chairs, go back and hit the ball at the same time? It is truly amazing!" Please watch to Gusti Fernández and Shingo Kunieda, true champions, "the Serbian wrote on his social networks along with a video of the match.

Djokovic hopes that the example shown him yesterday by Gusti Fernández and Shingo Kunieda will give him extra strength to overcome Stefanos Tsitsipas and be in the grand final on Sunday. However, the Serbian already knows that this Thursday he saw the true champions of Roland Garros playing in a wheelchair.

Photos from as.com
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