What is the diet of a Tour de France winner?

Gorka Prieto, UAE nutritionist, tells AS details about Tadej Pogacar's success in the last Tour, including the keys to the day of the time trial.


EI last September 20, on the Champs Elysées in Paris, Tadej Pogacar conquered the Tour de France in one of the most surprising outcomes in recent times. In the fight between Slovenians, Pogacar ousted Roglic from yellow the day before, in the time trial at La Planche des Belles Filles, with a period victory. At just 21 years old (he is now 22) he was the second youngest to win the race.

His team, the UAE, has several Spaniards. David de la Cruz, key in the final stages, Joxean Fernández Matxin, the manager ... and the nutritionist Gorka Prieto. The 30-year-old Navarrese, who is now in the Giro, was in charge of controlling the supply of the squad, especially that of Pogacar. “On the day of the time trial he had breakfast at 09:00 and lunch at 14:30. They were simple foods: rice, omelette, fruit, oatmeal cooked with water ... the main objective was for it to come out with the digestion done ", Gorka tells AS.

“During the time trial, Tadej had an isotonic drink in the first part and only a little water in the initial section of the climb after changing bikes,” he adds. The figure of the nutritionist is key "and the runners appreciate it." That implies that the job is perfect. “At specific moments I have felt pressure. Rather, responsibility, since it is up to you that the cyclist recovers well after the race and maintains weight, is hydrated and in good health ”adds Gorka, who was in the missing Murias before the UAE.

In the 21-day races, your runners weigh themselves daily and eat foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins as a fundamental part of their diet. Above all, there are two foods very much to Pogacar's taste. “Red meat and polenta (boiled cornmeal). It was the least I put on them during the week, so they took it more eagerly! ”, He recalls. There were stages in which the Slovenian ingested more than 7,000 calories: "There is a lot of science applied in the UAE in a practical way and that characterizes us." This is how a precocious and dazzling Tour winner is fed.

Photos from as.com
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