Wenger reveals Cristiano's agreement with Arsenal

The former Arsenal manager gave a very long interview on the occasion of the presentation of his book to The Guardian in which even Mourinho participated.


Arsène Wenger is an institution of English football. The 70-year-old Alsatian is still obsessed with football and now works for FIFA in search of new evolutions for the game, reviewing matches from almost the beginning of the game. He has also had time to publish his autobiography and, on the occasion of the presentation, he gave a very long interview to The Guardian where several personalities from the British country sent their questions.

The film directors Spike Lee, Ken Loach or Asif Kapadia, various actors, the Labor Jeremy Corbyn and even Jose Mourinho, the one who was his rival for years and with whom he lived several dialectical crossroads. With a calmer relationship since Arsène left the benches, the now Tottenham coach acknowledged having learned a lot with him in his FIFA talks, praised his management skills and asked him about the possibility of being Arsenal's sports director or if he just He proposed to continue on the benches.

"I considered being an advisor to the Arsenal board of directors. I honestly believe that there is a deficit of knowledge in the big clubs and also, I think that recently we have seen that there are many ways to succeed in football. For example, there is the way Bayern, where success is based on the continuity of people who know the favors of the club and pass them on from generation to generation like Beckenbauer, Hoeness or Rummenigge. Then there are other models like in England where it is quick money and quick success . Both can work. I like the first one better with an identity and that knowledge that is transmitted. It is my way of seeing things, "explained the now FIFA advisor to the Portuguese coach.

In this extensive interview he also touched on other topics: the rest of the coaches, their disagreements and as reflected in the biography, the talk he fears with God, advice for Arteta, his frustrated signing with Cristiano ...

The player who most regrets not signing: "Ugh ... there isn't one, there are fifty. I think the one who was closest was Cristiano Ronaldo, when he went to United. We had an agreement with Sporting and United signed Queiroz As an assistant, they beat our bid quickly and took Cristiano away. Basically, we already had an agreement. He had the Arsenal jersey and I was having lunch with him and his mother in the sports complex. This is an example but there are many "

Final at Arsenal: "It was the end of a love story. When you can't talk to the one you love anymore, you can't go to training sessions, to the stadium. You have to stay where you are and it had never happened to me in my life. Afterwards 22, suddenly, it was over. It was very difficult. I wanted to cut my ties with the club because the club wanted it that way too. I decided not to go back to the stadium but I support Arsenal with the same passion. You work hard, the best you can like this Don't cry later, don't complain and get over it. I suffered in silence. "

A piece of advice for Arteta: "Let him continue managing the team as he has been doing until now and go to the end with his idea. I think he has a good dressing room and they can do well. It will not be difficult to improve on the points they made last season but I think the Arsenal can make it to the top4 if not more. Why not? They can be the surprise. They have bought well, the defense is stronger and they have retained players. In my last year we bought Aubameyang and they have retained it. They have every ingredient and not there is no real weakness ".

Henry, Arsenal manager: "I hope he is successful and that success can lead him to Arsenal but I hope to win the championship before that happens. Now we have Arteta, why can't he win? The club has his identity, based on in values and those values are in those people ".

Final against Barcelona and what would he do differently: "Maybe I should have played with two centrals in the last thirteen minutes when I was 2-1 down. But what really makes me sad is that we beat Real Madrid in that Champions League with Zidane and Ronaldo, Juventus with Ibrahimovic, Trezeguet and Vieira and we reached the final without conceding a single goal in the qualifying rounds. When you play the whole game with ten you know that the last 20 minutes will be difficult and more against Barcelona but, we had two chances to do the second goal and we missed them. I have mixed feelings. "

Neuroscience and soccer: "The next element that will change the game is neuroscience. Why? Because we have already reached the top of physical speed. The next step is speed in decision-making. Speed of execution, coordination And that's where neuroscience can come in. In the last ten years, the strength and speed of certain players has improved, but now there are sprinters everywhere. The next step will be to improve our brain speed. "

Charla with God: "Sometimes it scares me that I have dedicated my whole life to football. If God existed and has a test to see if you go to heaven or hell, it would seem ridiculous to say that I have dedicated my whole life to winning football and that's why that idea comes to me. Sometimes you can feel that you have dedicated your life to something with little meaning ".

A matter of life and death: "I used to say that, at the highest level, it is an experience it seemed because, if it is not a matter of life and death, it does not mean that much to you and you do not last long in this job."

Your favorite movie: "The Midnight Express because I had to do a work on it when I was studying about the relations between America and Turkey. I have recently seen Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman, about Elton John, whom I know a little. But if I had to tell you some more, maybe some of Visconti ".

His disagreements with Ferguson or Mourinho: "I did not want it to be a book of frustration or injustice. I did not want to teach what they did to me but, you know what happened in your life and you cannot ignore it either. I have wanted to be positive. You cannot have had the life that I have had and be negative ".

The Arsenal style: "Arsenal had a style that they criticized but had a style. I can understand people who just want to win but need the desire to transform team play into art. When a fan gets up they must think:" Oh Perhaps today he will have a magnificent experience! ". He wants to win the game but also see something beautiful."

Motivation for fear of losing, the joy of winning or the beauty of the game itself: "Everything, but what else was trying to improve and also knowing that I am at the service of something greater than myself. Also, of course, that mixture that I hate to lose and I want to win. But I would tell you that the hatred prevails over losing. It breaks your heart. One day, if someone opens my heart, I think they will find each defeat stored there ".

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