War on the Clippers for Kawhi Leonard's privilege

After the elimination in the 2020 Playoffs, eyes in the locker room were directed at Paul George, but now the criticism is focused on Kawhi Leonard.


The Clippers have opened a new era. After 'Doc' Rivers's long spell at the helm, Tyronn Lue takes over the roster following the veteran manager's sacking (and his arrival in the 76ers days later). Lue, who has signed a multi-year agreement, was the main assistant to the bench, so the choice was not very surprising.

A continuity line is sought with a team prepared to win the NBA but that disappointed in the 2020 Playoffs. The loss to the Nuggets opened a difficult gap to close and in which the worst stopped seemed to be Paul George ... until now.

An article by Jovan Buha and Joe Vardon in The Athletic talks about the agreement with Tyronn Lue and what surrounds him. And one of the protagonists is Kawhi Leonard. The champion with Spurs and Raptors wanted to do it with the Clippers as well, signing and taking the opportunity to request the arrival of George, thus bringing together two of the main stars of the NBA in an already outstanding team, but has failed in the first attempt. With Rivers as executor and Lue as observer, Kawhi has been able to enjoy some privileges that have not gone very well in the institution of Los Angeles, more now if you see it in perspective. Players who had been in the team for a long time, and the names of Patrick Beverley, Montrezl Harrell and Lou Williams, have criticized the preferences of Leonard, who is the best player on the roster and had just been champion the previous season. According to this information, Kawhi was the one who directly decided which games to play, the strategy known as load management, to protect his body in the face of the most important appointments on the calendar, communicating it to Rivers and having the green light of the board. In addition, he was allowed to live outside in San Diego, which caused him to be late on several occasions for the team's scheduled flights.

With the rise of Lue it is hoped that these types of wardrobe problems can be solved. The coach already went through the same in the Cavaliers of LeBron James, when he replaced David Blatt thanks to his dialogue profile and good management of the relationship with the players to end up winning the NBA in 2016.

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