United's frustrated signings

Despite the arrivals of Cavani, Alex Telles and Van de Beek, big names have escaped those of Solskjaer: Sancho, Bale, Reguilón ...


Like every summer, Manchester United, one of the richest teams on the planet, is one of the biggest agitators on the market. Or one of the biggest rumors generated, if we are more precise. The red devils, as if it were a rough diamond, needed a few strokes to polish the potential of a template began to germinate last year. Contrasting names have arrived (Cavani and Alex Telles), players of the present with a great future (Van de Beek) and two pearls: one that will arrive, at the earliest, in January (Amad Diallo Traoré, a promising 18-year-old winger from Atalanta for whom They have paid 30 million, more variables) and another (Pellistri) that will be part of the squad from now on.

However, there are many who have fallen by the wayside, including the great target and summer soap opera: Jadon Sancho. Although the Bale, Reguilón, Grealish and company have also seen their name related to those of Solskjaer at some point.

Jadon Sancho

Borussia Dortmund asked for 120 million and United did not raise 100. Thus began the summer and thus ended. The 20-year-old winger will continue to delight the Borusser fans, although his wish was to make it to the Premier League. His past citizen gives an even more special aura to his signing. Next year, they will return to the fray.

Gareth Bale

Manchester United and Gareth Bale seemed doomed to join paths at some point. When Mourinho was in charge of the Red Devils, they tried to take over the Welshman with a checkbook. Madrid responded and renewed him. The millionaire renovation that has complicated his departure so much. This year, the white team preferred the offer of United, however, the player preferred the romanticism of a return home. Tottenham won the first battle.

Sergio Reguilón

And also the second. Tottenham and United met again with a common goal. On this occasion, Sergio Reguilón. Luke Shaw has never been convincing at Old Trafford and the arrival of a left-back seemed a priority and Regui fit the Lancashire idea like a glove. Finally, the Spurs accepted the white buyback conditions and in Manchester they had to 'settle' with Alex Telles.

Federico Chiesa

The initial piece of the domino effect of the last day of the market was also considered as an alternative to Sancho. Although his attempt received a clear response from Fiorentina. 60 million or nothing. From Old Trafford they responded with a loan offer with a lower purchase option than Juve. For this reason, Federico Chiesa headed to Turin at the last minute, when United already knew themselves to be the loser.

Ben Chillwel

And we go back to the left side. If they fought for Reguilón it was because before they received another door slammed, that of Leicester when asking for Ben Chillwel. Chelsea's titanic project was willing to shell out more money than a much more timid United. End of story. In an auction, the one who bids the highest wins, it is useless to finish second.

Jack Grealish

Aston Villa's peaky blinder was almost taken for granted when the summer window had barely drawn the curtain. Yet again, trying to cut expenses left them composed and starless. 88 million was worth the villain playmaker, an amount that United did not reach and the player renewed. He will continue to get kicked in Villa Park.

James Maddison

Maddison and Grealish, Grealish and Maddison. Two sides of the same coin. Leicester's lofty claims were not met by a United whose main targets (Sancho, Grealish and Maddison) at the beginning of the summer are still in the team that finished last season. That of Leicester, like that of Aston Villa, renewed by an astronomical figure before the doubts of Ed Woodward and Co.

Kalidou Koulibaly

Manchester United needs to strengthen the defensive plot, that is something that was suspected before the now famous 1-6 against Tottenham. For this reason, they competed with City to get Koulibaly out of San Paolo. Di Laurentiis is not one of those who gives his arm to twist and the Senegalese will continue in Naples, since no one paid the 80 million that the Neapolitan top leader was asking for. They brought Guardiola to Rúben Dias, Solskjaer ... they sold Smalling ...

Ousmane Dembélé

Until the last minute they tried to convince the player. In this case, Barça agreed to let the extreme go, for the right price. However, the Frenchman is confident in his chances and wants to succeed at Can Barça. The offer was 60 million and was rejected by the Blaugrana team. Perhaps a bigger bet would have made Dembélé and Barça change their minds. Be that as it may, another defeat.

Ismaila Sarr

The Plan E? from United, after failing to get hold of Sancho, or Grealish, or Chiesa, or Dembélé. The Watford winger, which also rang for Klopp's Liverpool, was a good opportunity. Again, the price ruined the negotiation. Watford rejected 45 million euros from Liverpool for the 22-year-old Senegalese and they were not willing to make discounts, no matter how much their relegation to the Championship last year was consummated.

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