Unicaja smiles at the expense of a depressed Gran Canaria

Led by an immense Brizuela, the visitors cut off the insular comeback attempt. Albicy and Costello, insufficient for the canaries.


There is no one to cure depression at Herbalife Gran Canaria. Beating after beating, today not even the desire was enough to disturb an insurance Unicaja who managed the game at will from the second quarter. Nothing to object to his more than deserved triumph on the island.

It seemed that Granca wanted to quickly amend the flat, his image of recent games so sad, perhaps typical of a decomposing team, at the moment inappropriate for a team that aspires, at least, to the Copa del Rey and playoff. An active Albicy opened the game with a triple, but two triples from Alberto Díaz and Bouteille quickly gave Unicaja a 3-8. As to date, Herbalife seemed like a desolate team, playing haphazardly, until Wiley and Albicy, again from beyond 6.75 and a bit of fortune, tied at 8.

Shurna gave Gran Canaria an advantage, 10-8, to certify a 7-0 partial in favor of the island team. Then, the game entered an attractive offensive maelstrom, with an electric basket exchange, in which Herbalife put two points above and Unicaja tied until Costello, with a house-brand hook, gave his team a 18-14 that Ferrari stretched from the triple until Brizuela left the 21-16 with which the end of the first quarter was reached.

Precisely, the Basque escort put the game on the hunt in the second act. First, he made it 21-20 before Díaz put the Andalusian team ahead again, and with a triple he brightened up a 0-9 run with which Unicaja started the fourth: 21-25. Brizuela continued to his own, and with a new triple that was 23-28, he forced Fisac to stop the game with 6:29 remaining in the period and the partial against then amounted to 2-12.

Far from reacting, Granca found another distant shot, now from Suárez, 23-31 that fell like a heavy slab in his moral decline. The locals brought out some of their wounded pride, and a 2 + 1 from Costello, 11 + 5 in the first half, fueled local hopes: 30-35. However, Unicaja endured the attacks of his rival without major stress, and even went to rest with his maximum of the match so far, 32-41 after a suspension by Bouteille (before 30-39 had come after a basket by Francis Alonso) .

As if time had not passed, the third quarter seemed like the perfect continuation of what was happening before the break. Thus, Bouteille himself continued the contest with a triple, 32-44, against an emotionally unhappy Gran Canaria, totally lost the psychological battle, defeated by his own demons. Immediately afterwards, two consecutive baskets by Thompson gave his team a 35-50 that announced a new thrashing for Herbalife.

However, when they seemed more sunk, the locals brought out weak forces. First, another triple from Albicy somewhat fueled the fire of local hope: 40-50. Right after, a mate from Wiley confirmed the attempt to come back, forcing Casimiro to call a timeout with exactly five minutes remaining in this period. Suddenly Unicaja seemed more than stunned, since the respective triples of Costello and Albicy, the 5th, announced a battle: 48-52.

The Andalusian rescue came, of course, an immense Darío Brizuela, who plugged a triple, 48-55, which was a vitamin for his people. Not that it was a song recited in chorus, from the same distance they connected with the hoop, one after the other, Thompson, Ferrari and again Brizuela to leave Unicaja with some calm, 51-61, before Okoye took him a 3+ 1 to the latter to tighten the score again, 55-61, even tighter at the end of this quarter: 60-64.

At the beginning of the last Nzosa made its debut to put the 61-66, and Brizuela's fifth triple, hyperactive on both sides of the court, put Unicaja away: 63-71. The Granca, through arreones, managed to be within the party but failed to disturb the Andalusian domain while the party was consumed. A slap from Guerrero gave Casimiro's men an advantage that could well be definitive, 72-82, but the yellows were saying their last word for the time being. With a triple from Dimsa they got to five, 77-82, and the distance could be cut even more if Wiley manages to burst the ring of Unicaja. In fact, he did not do it because he received a clear foul from Díaz that only the referees did not see.

In the madness of the last seconds, Unicaja tempered their nerves better to certify their third win of the season against a Gran Canaria that continues its free fall, with five consecutive league defeats.

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