Unicaja signs a new ridicule in Montenegro

The Malagueños played another deplorable game and crashed against a Mornar Bar that scored 58 points and swept them off the court in the first two quarters.


It was difficult to imagine, but Unicaja could fall even lower than they did on Saturday against Manresa. Luis Casimiro's team signed another deplorable match and lost with a crash in Montenegro to Mornar Bar, where it was not even close to fighting for victory at any point in the match. The second day of the Eurocup was the confirmation that this Unicaja is very caught with tweezers and does not find the course either on or off the track.

The composer team only had a few acceptable minutes (5-11, minute 4), which was not able to give continuity to their game and allowed several arreones from the Montenegrin team in the first quarter. First 11-0 (16-11, minute 5) and then 7-0 (25-19, minute 9). The Mornar Bar did not go one millimeter off the expected plan. They threw to the basket whenever they had the opportunity and took advantage of the bad defense to chain baskets. The 28 points conceded by Unicaja in 10 minutes, 12 of them from the free kick (Vranjes added 7 of 7), made it very clear that the green defensive work was very deficient (28-22 at the end of the first quarter).

The Mornar Bar can be dangerous equipment when it is capable of generating comfortable shots. And so he unraveled Unicaja in the second quarter, in which he bombarded the Malaga basket from the perimeter (7/11 in triples in the second quarter). Vranjes, who scored 7 free throws in the first act, changed records and led the Montenegrin gale with three triples in the second period. In addition, four other local players scored from outside in the first 20 minutes: Pullen (2 triples), Needham (2), Gabriel (1) and Sehovic (1). A hurricane to which Casimiro was unable to find answers. His team crawled down the track without intensity and aggressiveness and reached the break with a 19-point deficit (58-39) .

Unicaja tried to pull off with pride after the intermission and improved their defensive performance somewhat. The Mornar Bar went almost four minutes without scoring and the Malagueños reduced the distance to eleven points in four and a half minutes (61-50 with 5:31 left in the third quarter). But two 3-pointers from Whitehead and one from Pullen again put the ground in between (69-52, minute 27). Unicaja, more consistent under his basket, lacked lucidity and accuracy in attack to further narrow the score (71-56, minute 30) .

Two consecutive triples by Alberto Díaz fueled the green hope. A mirage. Unicaja resisted the psychological barrier of ten points until the last minute (83-74) due to his horrible decision-making at certain moments of the final quarter and also partly because of his mistake from the free kick (11/20) . The party died without the people of Malaga even having options. Another setback in a horrible start to the season that requires a comprehensive self-criticism in all departments of the club. The project is completely mired in doubts and the short-term future looks very bleak for Unicaja.

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