Toni Bou celebrates his World Cup with a new victory in Italy

The Repsol Honda, who on Saturday tied his 14th outdoor title, to which we must add another 14 in indoor mode, took Lazzate's second round


Ni with the title under his arm Toni Bou slows down. The one from Piera, who on Saturday secured his 14th outdoor Trials World champion title, to which we must add another 14 in the indoor modality, took the second round of the Italian Trial, in Lazzate.

A triumph that after the first four steps faced the champion, since he was the only one to overcome the sectors with a zero in his locker, the only one of the participants to do so. Then he would fail in the fifth obstacle, in the seventh and in the eighth, to end the first pass of the course with 11 points. Adam Raga was second with 20 and Jorge Casales, third with 22.

In the second round, Bou improved to 7 points, while Raga and Casales failed to improve their records. Who did it was Jeroni Fajardo, who with two good passes through laps 2 and 3 managed to finish the test in second place, ahead of Casales who finally completed the podium. Raga matched his result on Saturday and finished in seventh place.

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