Toni Bou: "Winning 28 times does not make it a routine"

The king of trials talks to AS after winning his last title in Italy, a special one that leaves him "very proud" because "it has been a very different year".


Nor a year as unusual as this has managed to bring her down from the top of the mountain. He has been the king of trials for 14 years and he never tires of winning. "There are titles that fill more than others, but even if you win 28 times it is not a routine", says Toni Bou, the champion of Piera, in his interview with AS after winning his last TrialGP title in Italy, a special one because "it has been a very different year "and that leaves him" very proud ":" I always say that it is much more than I would have imagined, things have turned out very well ".

"It is never easy, especially having rivals like Raga, who always make you fight until the last zone. We have become better drivers between the two", he comments about the fight with his biggest rival, who has beaten him twice take advantage of the few weaknesses that Bou may have: "We have had more mistakes because we have been a little more irregular and it has cost us a little more, but ending up like this, winning, leaves a good taste in my mouth. It is very easy for things to happen because all sports are on the limit ".

But whatever happens, Bou is always there and has been for 14 long years in which he has not lost an iota of motivation: "It is something that comes from within me, the passion for this sport to work one hundred percent ". Therefore, although this Saturday, October 17, he turns 34, he still does not think about getting off his Montesa Honda. "I enjoy what I do, a lot, and I would like to continue and get the most I can in my career," says the Catalan. Bad news for others…

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