They already compare Pirlo with Pep Guardiola and Zidane

'Tuttosport' opens with an interview with Lucescu, Dinamo Kiev coach, in which he compares the new Juve coach with the Spanish and the French.


That Andrea Pirlo is not a newcomer coach is obvious. From the time he sat in the chair on how to lead a team on the field of play during his time as a footballer, 'il Maestro' could be seen as a potential coach. After his retirement, his idea, and that of the club, was to train in the Juventus subsidiary, as did others like Guardiola and Zidane, and then make the leap to the first team. However, the dismissal of Maurizio Sarri accelerated his private military service and Andrea found herself with a big role. Make his debut as first coach at Vecchia Signora. In this way, he joined the large list of ex-footballers who lead the teams in which they were legend. A list that highlights the aforementioned pair of names.

This is referred to by Mircea Lucescu, coach of Dynamo Kiev, Bianconero rival in the Champions League, in an exclusive interview for 'Tuttospot'. "Pirlo is like Pep and Zizou," says the Romanian. A few words that illuminate the cover of the Italian media this Friday, October 9. "Charisma and genius, he is a phenomenon." Affirmations, these, that come with knowledge of the facts. And not just based on the two games the team has played under the orders of its new coach.

However, the now most veteran coach of the Champions League gave Pirlo the alternative long before he became 'Maestro'. Before even being considered a 'student'. The one from Bucharest called up Andrea when he was 15 years old and was one of the stars of the Brescia quarry, a team that, at that time, was led by the veteran coach. His debut would not come until a year later, when Adelio Moro was already occupying the bench of La Leonessa and the midfielder was 16 years and two days old (youngest player to make his debut with the club) .


Something would see Lucescu in the fledgling player to make him train with the elders being just a pipiolo. Something that the Juventus board has also seen to hand over the keys to Juventus at just 41 years old. Therefore, his case reminds Guardiola and Zidane. Two coaches who have made a name for themselves on the benches in Barcelona and Real Madrid, the teams where the former grew up and the latter retired. Countless titles with Pep's reinvention of touch football against effectiveness and excellence in the top European competition in Zizou.

Two players who, like Pirlo, understood football with the ball glued to the boot and who, as coaches, have also bet on him. Plus a Guardiola who has made possession his identity. Except for a Zidane who has turned what was once a steamroller into a solvent machine that is very difficult to tear down. They both did like Caesar. 'Vini, vidi, vici'. They came, saw and won in their first strokes as a coach.

Now, Pirlo, wants to follow in his footsteps in the country that kicked the author of such a famous phrase. For now, everything is going and has the approval of the board, the fans and Cristiano himself. His bet on offensive football like, he even considers using five forwards when the occasion comes. Sarri's 4-4-2 has passed away and has established a 3-4-3 that illuminates the best version of lanes much more extreme than lateral. Danilo, a former City player whom he has reinvented, is his union with Guardiola, a model from which Flero's is drinking. De Zidane has his most powerful weapon, a Cristiano Ronaldo who linked his name, that of Madrid and that of Zinedine himself to the Champions League and who, after his landing in Turin, is fighting with the Orejona. The Portuguese star now has his particular Zidane. In 19944, Lucescu saw something and 16 years later he has seen it again. In his day he was not wrong, we will see if this time he is right again. Pirlo, for his part, has the path marked.

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