The world turned upside down: Red Bull's solution may be Honda

Masashi Yamamoto assures that the Japanese manufacturer would give up its power unit in case the energy companies decide to build their own engine in 2022.


Surely, if we made a survey of Formula 1 World Cup fans about what has been the most outstanding news that has occurred to date in the 'Great Circus', Sebastian Vettel's farewell to Ferrari, the signing of Carlos Sainz for the Maranello team, the return of Fernando Alonso to Renault and the departure of Honda as a manufacturer at the end of 2021 would take a large percentage of the votes. A particular survey where it may be necessary to include soon that Red Bull has decided to take the step and become a motorcyclist.

Masashi Yamamoto, leader of the Japanese project in the championship, assures in 'The Race' that the brand of the Rising Sun would be willing to give up its power unit to the energy complex so that Milton Keynes technicians will have a base in 2022 on which build your own powertrain in the event of negotiations with Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault fail.

"We are happy to be in touch with them in case they need us. Not only for the power unit but for other things as well. We will support Alpha Tauri and Red Bull for their programs after 2021 in any way we can. We are happy to be able to Help. As Honda we have done many things for both teams and we want to continue to contribute in the future. If the team asks, I am ready to talk to Japan. I personally want to support both teams as much as possible. Maybe in the future, Red Bull and Alpha Tauri are not in this situation with other manufacturers so we want to support them and help them with everything possible in the face of what comes next ", says Yamamoto.

An option that, if ratified, required a strong financial commitment from Red Bull, since the Austrians would have to bear the cost of the technical development of the new machine, although maintenance could be borne by Honda, since it is more the Japanese are unlikely to close their Milton Keynes factory as they did in 2008.

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