The World Rally Championship, free of coronavirus after confinement

In the three disputed tests, there have only been 2 cases in Turkey and another 2 in Italy, but local and without subsequent infections.


As in Madrid, the coronavirus goes through neighborhoods in motor sport. While Formula 1 and MotoGP have been able to reactivate their seasons after confinement, the World Rally Championship has cost more. Its wide format, with timed sections hundreds of kilometers long, has complicated the return to activity, because they are more difficult to control than a circuit in which a closed bubble free of Covid-19 can be organized.

“We had to create two zones,” explains Cem Boneval, Covid delegate of the International Automobile Federation at rallies. “We have called them 'high and low density', and they are totally separate. In the first, there are the components of the teams, who carry out their activity in assistance isolated from the rest. Low-density people are those who work externally, curators, organization or press, and close contacts between the two are not allowed. In addition, tests are required prior to the trip and, of course, a mask, distance and hand hygiene. ”

“Spectators have also been banned in Turkey and Sardinia,” continues Boneval. “It is impossible to control the entire route, but in the cases in which people have appeared they have been required to maintain sanitary measures. This in a circuit is easier to control. It is clear that zero risk does not exist, but our main concern is not to bring or carry the virus in our movements around the world. ”

Y, after three disputed tests, the results have been encouraging, since “in Estonia there were no cases, in Turkey two were detected before the rally and in Italy another two, but in both cases without subsequent contacts or infections. It was not World Cup personnel, but local testing personnel, who were immediately isolated. ”

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