The stage of the Giro day: a marathon of ups and downs

A continuous up and down of 229 kilometers, with several traps in the final circuit, will become a tough test for the start of the third week.


The 16th stage of the Giro, which takes place today between Udine and San Daniele del Friuli, of 229 kilometers, is the second longest of this edition, a day with abundant ups and downs that will be a serious punishment for the riders. The first 150 km to the entrance of the San Daniele del Friuli circuit have a sequence of slides with three heights. The first, the Madonnina del Domm (2nd, 10.8 km at 7.1% average slope), is the longest and steepest. The next one, Mount Spig (3rd), is 2.8 km at 10%, a short but explosive difficulty and is followed by Cota de Monteaperta (3rd), 3.3 km at 7.6% .

The Monte di Ragogna (2.8 km at 10.4% on average and 16 maximum) will be climbed twice more in the two laps of the circuit. It is followed by a short and demanding descent and the approach to the finish through undulating roads. 3 km from the finish line you enter the inhabited area of San Daniele to face some steep slopes that lead to the last km and the wall of Vía Sottomonte, with a terrible 20% slope, followed by a very short descent to reach the end 200 meters at 10%. The Portuguese Joao Almeida will defend the pink jersey one more day, this time with an advantage of 15 seconds over the Dutch Wilco Kelderman (Sunweb) and 2:56 minutes over the Australian Jai Hindley (also of the Sunweb). Pello Bilbao (Bahrain) is fifth, at 3: 10.

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