The stage of the day in the Vuelta: Arrate decides the first leader

The national round starts today in Irún and will reward climbers with a high finish in Arrate, 5.3 kilometers at 7.7% slope and ramps of 13%.

Since the pandemic forced the departure from the Netherlands to be postponed for another edition, and the organization decided not to replace those three stages, a detail caught the attention of the route that La Vuelta 2020 was left with: the first stage will end high in the port of Arrate. A gift for climbers, who will be able to aspire to don the first red jersey of the race, although without the excitement that the Basque fans always bring, since the public will not be allowed at the final peak.

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However, the glory will only go to one, but all the favorites are relatively happy with this change for one reason: it will separate the wheat from the chaff. A start that La Vuelta may not decide, but it will show which candidates are not in their best form. The screen will allow it to roll more calmly in the rest of the days, since there will be less those who have the general in mind. This translates into less nervousness for always being in a good position.

With the threat of rain present, the route will have four ports in the last 80 kilometers. Udana, Kanpazar and Elgeta, all in the third category, will wear down the peloton on a terrain that many know from the Tour of the Basque Country, such as the Colombian Chaves, who warns: "I am more concerned about the buzzard passing through Eibar than the final climb." Arrate, from 5.3 km to 7.7%, is not a terrain to mark big differences, but to make the first selection.

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