The stage of the day at the Giro: the 'walls' will decide the stage

After the rest day, the Giro resumes with a day in which, in the absence of high mountains, short but hard heights are dotted in the final section.


After the rest day and in the absence of tests ruling out a health problem in the peloton after the positive of Simon Yates, the Giro will resume with a day that, like almost all in the Italian round, will have its point of spice. A priori it is not a day that influences the fight for the general, although everything will depend on the intention of the roosters. Because although the route along the Adriatic coast is practically flat, it will be dotted with 'walls', not very long but very hard heights.

The first one will be far away, in Chieti, but the rest will accumulate in the final section, so on its ramps the winner will be decided if it comes out of a getaway, or it can be the key point for an adventurer to try to jump. In Tortoreto, the city that hosts the finish line, there will be a circuit with the climb of the same name on two occasions, the last one just 11 km from the finish line and, although it does not reach two kilometers (1.9 ), it does have a respectable 7% on average.

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