The resignation would leave Gracia for about 3 million euros

Gracia continues, although she does so with her small mouth and pending a conversation with Peter Lim, which Murthy has not assured her will take place.


Javi Gracia continues as Valencia coach. At least for now. The Navarrese left the meeting with Anil Murthy without making any statement. He also has nothing new to say. After all, one of his premises when making a firm decision about his future was to speak with Peter Lim and that conversation has not yet occurred. Gracia only spoke at the club's offices with Anil Murthy and Miguel Ángel Corona. He did so accompanied by his representative, José Rodríguez (Promoesport) .

Gracia will coach Valencia tomorrow. From the surroundings of Gracia it is confirmed that "for the moment" it continues. From the club that is seen and sweetened as a return to "normality". But maybe it's just the 'new normal'. Gracia, his agent, as reported by SER Deportivos, started the meeting with Anil by making his position available to the club. In truth, that is not to present his resignation, but as the starting point of a meeting that is held at the request of the coach, it shows that he is open to leaving.

Grace has both pros and cons when it comes to making a decision. Peter Lim and Anil Murthy have given you very good reasons to say goodbye. One hasn't even said "welcome" and another has been fooling him all summer when it comes to sports planning. The counterweight to his decision is made by the commitment that the dressing room has transmitted to him, on the bench itself of a Valencia and the compensation that the coach would have to pay if he was the one who resigned.

According to sources from the Mestalla club, Gracia's resignation could cost about 3 million euros. It must be remembered that Peter Lim's Valencia already left by his own decision and with a contract in force Cesare Prandelli and the Italian had to pay for six months that remained of competition more than one million euros. With Gracia we are still in October and he signed for two seasons. Hence, the will of Gracia, in case of leaving, is to do so by mutual agreement; Hence, he started the conversation by putting his position at the disposal of the club.

But Valencia (also for now) does not contemplate the departure of the Navarrese coach. The position of the club during the conclave has been to try to turn the page and give continuity to the project. Hence Murthy's statements last Tuesday in the official media ("We have confidence in the coach"). But we have to wait and see what Lim thinks about the fact that Gracia has asked him for an audience and to what extent the criticism in the press room of the Navarrese technician assumes the property, no matter how protected he is of reason. Murthy has to listen to the owner, because reaching a mutual agreement with Gracia today could avoid in the future having to be the club that compensates Gracia. Of course, what is being said today from the club is that they want "stability" and that the dome is not there to also run out of the burning nail that is Grace for the dressing room and the fans.

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