The pandemic nullifies the field factor in Spain

Only five teams (Real Madrid, Atlético, Sevilla, Villarreal and Elche) score more percentage points behind closed doors than with the public; Barcelona becomes mundane (28.6% less).


Where before there was joy, now there is silence; what used to be breath is now just cement. The pandemic has brought football behind closed doors and statistics show that the field factor has passed, in general, to a better life. The data says that before the suspension of the competition last March, the local teams had added 465 points out of the 807 possible (57.6%), while since the resumption of the competition behind closed doors, including the matches from the end of the last League and the beginning of this, of 459 possible points, the local teams have added only 224 (48%). Specifically, in the days that we have in the 2020-2021 season: out of 129 at stake, only 60 stayed at home (46.9%). 444 444

Only five teams from the current Santander League score more percentage points behind closed doors than those that added with the public last year until matchday 27. They are Real Madrid, Atlético, Sevilla, Villarreal and Elche. Those of Zidane, who have played in Valdebebas for the works of the Santiago Bernabéu, have added one hundred percent of the points that from June until today they have played as locals (21), that is, 21% more than the points they added in the 13 games of the last league that they played with the public in their fiefdom. The Real Madrid players have not felt the reverse stage fright, given that by not playing at the Bernabéu and doing it on a stage where they are used to training without an audience, they do not long for their absence.

Julen Lopetegui's Sevilla is the team that grows the most in terms of the percentage of points scored at home, with and without the public. Obviously, other factors such as adaptation to the circumstances and moments of form of its players influence, but Seville, despite having one of the stadiums with the most atmosphere in Spain, added 58.9% of the points it played before the pandemic home while since the competition was resumed it has added 80.95% .

A similar case is that of Atlético de Madrid, another club that despite having a faithful and noisy social mass and a stadium that is classified as one of those that win games, has not accused of playing behind closed doors. On the contrary, the colchoneros added 69% of the points at home with the public last year; While in the seven games they have played (five last year and two this season) they have added 80% of the points at stake.

Villarreal and Elche (in their case counting the Smartbank League matches last year) also have a higher percentage of points added without an audience, thus the yellow ones went from 53.8% to 59.2% while the people from Elche added with the public 42.8% of the points at stake at the Martínez Valero for 50% behind closed doors, data that brought him closer to promotion.The silence of San Mamés, Anoeta or Camp Nou is expensive

Playing behind closed doors has affected the other 15 clubs in the Santander League (including data from Cádiz and Huesca from last season in the Smartbank League). The most striking cases are those of Athletic de Bilbao, Real Sociedad, Cádiz and Barcelona. Valencia has also lost loot at the Mestalla, despite the fact that both for Anil Murthy and surely also for Bartomeu the silence of their stands has been a benefit for their eardrums in the social situation in which both institutions are.

The team that has stopped adding the most points in percentage terms since its stadium is empty is Cádiz. With the public in the Ramón de Carranza, the people of Cádiz had added 68.8% of the points at stake until matchday 31, while since then they have barely added 22.2% (obviously with the category change included: one point out of 9 in the Santander League) .

Real Sociedad and Athletic de Bilbao yearn for their respective hobbies. The people of San Sebastian have gone from adding 66.6% of the points with the public to 33% with their empty stands; while in Bilbao, from 61.5% to 33.3%. Thus, Anoeta or San Mamés have ceased to be forts, as well as Mestalla.

Valencia before the pandemic was the third best team in the local league and had not lost for more than a year in front of its public (added 30 out of 42 points: 71%). After the confinement, the black and white have added 14 of 24 (58%) and have already suffered two defeats.

Barcelona also becomes mundane with the Camp Nou empty. The Catalans went from tying 95.2% of the points at stake in their stadium to only 66.6% without an audience. Before confinement, Barcelona added 40 of the 42 points they had played at the Camp Nou. After resuming the competition behind closed doors, 14 of 21, that is, he has let 7 points escape in his fiefdom.

Another of the teams that has accused the most of playing without an audience is Levante, in his case with the aggravation of having to do so in exile. The works in the Ciutat de València led him to play six games in La Nucía and at the Estadio de la Cerámica against Real Madrid. Thus, those of Paco López, who will return to their stadium in the next game against Celta, had added 61.5% of the home points until March and only 38% since then. Alavés and Granada also miss the warmth of their stands. The people from Vitoria added more than half of the points at stake at home (54.7%) and now only 33%; while Andalusians have gone from 66.6% to 45.8% .

A team that is adding practically the same at home with or without an audience is Real Valladolid (only 0.3% less since confinement). Eibar, Celta, Osasuna, Getafe and Betis practically get paid, although all of them added percentage more points with their public cheering them than since they play behind closed doors.

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