The New Bernabéu takes shape

One of the spectacular trusses is already attached and the other is ready. The building where the Adidas offices and store used to be has already been demolished. The parking lot will have five floors.


The works of the new futuristic white stadium are progressing according to the deadlines and continue to leave spectacular images. The Nuevo Estadio Bernabéu portal, specialized in the development of remodeling and construction work on the field, has shared new photographs of the interior and exterior of the building. In them you can see how one of the monumental trusses, located near the north end, has already been joined, while the other, in the south end, is about to.That step will culminate one of the most complicated phases, if not the most. The trusses are two structures of enormous size and weight: the square section of each segment has dimensions of 6x6 meters and a length between 6 and 18 meters. Their weights vary between 33 tons (the smallest) and 213 tons (the largest). Mobilizing these frames was a daunting task for the construction company, but the task is close to being completed successfully. Therefore, the construction of the new roof is progressing, which will protect all localities with its fixed structure, while the retractable one will extend through the field.

It is not the only advance. In the lower tier, the only one that has undergone modifications at the moment, there are only a few seats left in the north area. But the most progress has been abroad. The metallic structures of the new towers can now be clearly seen. Both are in La Castellana and will be equipped with ramps, escalators and elevators, replacing the current towers B and C.

Looking to the other side, that of Padre Damián, are the other two supports for the roof. The old towers on that side will be completely demolished, starting the foundation work for the new ones, which in a few weeks will receive a metallic structure wrapped in concrete. The New Bernabéu has between eyebrows that the accesses are quick and easy, so these towers will be equipped with a great amplitude to avoid crowds on nights with a lot of influx, facilitating the entry and exit traffic.

On that same side you can already see the underground car park, located where the La Esquina del Bernabéu shopping center used to be. It will have five basement floors, instead of the three that existed before, generating about 500 places. The car park will also receive buses from Real Madrid and the opposing team. The annex building, which housed the club's institutional offices and the Adidas store, has also been completely demolished. There, a new one will be built integrated into the stadium itself, which will extend along the entire side and will have thirteen functional floors, some underground.

Real Madrid, on its official website, showed the progress of the works with videos of the stadium just two days after the vice president of Barcelona, Jordi Maix, lamented how quickly Madrid has taken advantage of the deadlines to accelerate its work and slow going those of his club. The forecasts of when the Bernabéu's works will finish pointed to mid-2022, but it is not ruled out that it will finally be early that year or late 2021. The 2022-23 season is marked in red on the calendar.

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