The Joventut block decides against a Bilbao Basket fighter

The 'old guard' of Penya, Tomic, Ribas and Ventura, together with the young Nenad Dimitrijevic, the key factors in a very open clash.


Joventut has added its fourth victory in five games by beating RetaBet Bilbao Basket 88-81 after a match played from power to power, although errors in attack in the final minutes condemned the Mumbrú team.

The green-black team had more block play with 14 points and 6 assists from Pau Ribas, 15 from Albert Ventura, 13 and 4 rebounds from Ante Tomic, in addition to 10 from Dimitrijevic, eight in the last quarter.

The 11 points and 7 rebounds of Ondrej Balvin or the 19 of Jaroslaw Zyskowski were of little use, the best of Bilbao against the aforementioned errors in triples in key moments of the last quarter (1 of 8) .

The clash was an interesting bench duel between Carles Durán, current Joventut coach and former Bilbao coach, and Álex Mumbrú, former green-black player and now Bilbao coach. Perhaps that is why both teams proposed an offensive starting game with an inside duel between the Croatian Ante Tomic and the Czech Ondrej Balvin.

And the first quarter was spectacular on the part of Badalona with unstoppable Albert Ventura (10 points), Ante Tomic (9) and Brodziansky (7) as stilettos for his team. In addition, the second foul by Balvin (16-10, m.5) and that led to the bench, the Badalonese exterior success (5/8 triples) and the visitors losses (6) led to a spectacular 33-18 at the end of the quarter .

Mumbrú placed Tomeu Rigo, who was injured shortly after, and Álex Reyes on the track, reacting timidly with five points from Reyes (33-23, m.11) and Bilbao improved on the outside shot with the successful Polish Zyskowski to place themselves in 40-35 (m.17) after a triple by Lithuanian Kulboka.

The entry of Xabi López-Aróstegui, seven points almost in a row and the omnipresent Ventura cut the visiting streak at halftime (52-41).

Bilbao returned to the charge, focused its defense and through Jaylon Brown, Balvin and Zyskowski, and was placed at a single point (59-58, m.26). Badalona's reaction came through Pau Ribas (66-59. M.28) although now Balvin was very solid in defense and successful in attack.

With 66-61 on the scoreboard, Mumbrú gave rest to Balvin and Durán to Tomic. Another triple from Kulboka closed the gap (68-64, m.29) and with that figure it was entered with everything open in the last quarter.

The visitors had managed to stop the Badalonese exterior success, stopping Ventura well and dominating the rebound (30 (11 offensive) against 23 (8 off.) Of his rival. And Brown tightened the score again (68-66, m .31) .

There arose the genius of the young Macedonian point guard from La Penya, Nenad Dimitrijevic, with eight consecutive points (2 triples) to leave the score at 76-68 (m.33) and force Mumbrú to ask for time.

Aaron Jones, Balvin and Zyskowski returned to the track for Bilbao and Pau Ribas and Tomic for Joventut while the Basques prevented the local take-off (78-74, m.36), but the turnovers (18) were already heavy.

Durán placed two bases on the court: Bassas and Dimitrijevic to calm down his team's game and Bilbao missed five almost consecutive triples and this gave Joventut (84-76, m.39) breathing space after a spectacular mate by Tomic.

An unsportsmanlike performance for Jaylon Brown over Bassas, with two shots and a final basket from Brodziansky sentenced the Badalonese victory (88-78). Zyskowski's final triple, the only one from his team in the fourth period (88-81), was useless .

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