The Freno al Ictus Foundation and the Alberto Contador Foundation pedal against stroke

The 1st edition of the march 'Pedalea contra el ictus' is in virtual format and seeks to make stroke visible in our society. This disease affects 120,000 families a year in Spain.


The Freno al Ictus Foundation and the Alberto Contador Foundation invite you to pedal against stroke in the first social, family and sports march in our country in the fight against the disease. PEDALEA CONTRA EL ICTUS has the experience of RPM-MKTG as organizer of this first virtual edition and seeks the massive participation of society to improve the situation of this pathology in Spain.

Both foundations are promoting this initiative, whose primary objective is to improve the situation of stroke in our country, making the disease visible among the population and serving as a vehicle for raising funds to be used for social projects on information, research and inclusion of those affected in our community.

“One of the great problems that this disease has is the low social visibility it has and the great ignorance that exists about it. With PEDALEA CONTRA EL STROKE we want to take the disease out onto the streets, so that people are informed about the high prevention it has and about the importance of identifying it in time. Time is the brain! ”, Explains Julio Agredano, president of the Fundación Freno al ICTUS.

Alberto Contador suffered a stroke

This non-competitive cycling march has Alberto Contador as an exceptional sponsor, who through the Foundation that bears his name is at the forefront of the fight against the disease.

"Stroke was the disease that changed my life," remembers Contador, who suffered it when he was just 21 years old. “Today there is much more information and many more means to combat it, but they are still insufficient. Stroke is still a very unknown disease, despite its great presence in our daily lives. Nationally, stroke is the leading cause of death among women. Globally, it is the leading cause of acquired disability among adults. 2020 is being an unfortunately special year because of COVID-19, but there are many other diseases and ailments that cannot be overshadowed by the pandemic because they are still just as serious ", concludes the winner of the three great stage races (Tour , Twist and Turn) .

In this first edition, and due to the unprecedented health emergency situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, PEDALEA CONTRA EL ICTUS will be held in virtual format, offering participants the opportunity to join at any time during the period of 24 from October to November 1, coinciding with World Stroke Day (October 29) .

Registrations open

The foundations make available to interested parties an information platform where participants can manage their registration for the test and an app, PEDALEA CONTRA EL ICTUS, where they can upload photos of their participation to give visibility through from social networks with the hashtag # yopedaleocontraelictus.

Stroke affects 120,000 families a year in Spain. It is the leading cause of death in women in our country, the leading global cause of acquired disability in adults and the second cause of dementia after Alzheimer's. However, it is a highly preventable and treatable disease, with 90% of strokes being preventable with the modification of our lifestyle habits linked to the personal promotion of health. In addition, it is a pathology where the reaction time is essential for the correct evolution and treatment of the sequelae it causes. More information at

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