The classic is the Nadal-Djokovic

The Nadal-Federer has been contested 40 times, seasoned by a rivalry of the time, but they are far less than the 55 duels of the Spanish and the Serbian.

There is a certain tendency in recent years to point out the Nadal-Federer as the tennis classic, surely due to the memory of colossal battles, such as that assault by the Spanish on the Swiss garden in the mythical final of Wimbledon in 2008, or by the point of Boiling point in this sport was the landing of an irreverent 19-year-old young man who dared to successfully discuss the throne of the considered greatest. There is also a tendency to proclaim Federer as number one in history, but it really remains to be seen. The game is not over. To begin with, Roger has an unfavorable face-to-face with his two contemporaries, Nadal and Djokovic. Its big slab. And this same Sunday, if the Spaniard raised his 13th Roland Garros, he would tie with the Swiss at the top of Grand Slam titles, with 20.

The Nadal-Federer has played 40 times, with a balance in favor of Rafa of 24-16, but, although they add a very high figure, seasoned by a rivalry of the time, they are much less than the 55 duels of Nadal-Djokovic, the most repeated match in tennis history. The true classic. In this case, Nole has the direct confrontations in his locker, 29-26, although things change if the data is broken down by surfaces. On clay, which is what concerns us, Nadal turns the digits to his side, 17-7, of which they are 6-1 at Roland Garros. The dominance on clay corresponds to Nadal, but neither do we have to trust, nor surrender blindly to statistics. The data always shows multiple prisms. Since 2013, for example, the balance is even on land: 5-5. Also, the antecedents are turned over and over again by the crude present. This final is different from all the previous ones: in autumn, with cold, with hard balls, with hardly any audience, with one more year in the legs, with little filming during the course ... They are the numbers one and two in the world. And anything can happen.

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