The City is justified

Ferrán Soriano, executive director of the club, spoke at the Leaders in Sport forum organized by "We needed the central one," he assured.


Manchester City lives in a different reality in the transfer market to the vast majority of clubs in Europe and almost to the Premier League. Those of the Etihad are the second who have spent the most in the major European leagues only behind Chelsea, which has invested up to 171 million euros net getting several stars such as Timo Werner or Kai Havertz.

The Mancunians invested up to 163 million euros in this market in Rubén Dias (€ 68 M), Nathan Aké (€ 45.3 M), Ferrán Torres (€ 23 M), Pablo Moreno (€ 10 M), Nahuel Bustos (6, € 5 M) and Issa Kaboré (€ 4.5 M) and sold to Sané (€ 45 M), Otamendi (€ 15 M) and Adarabioyo (€ 1.65 M) in addition to the savings in salaries from the final departures contract of Aleix García, David Silva and Claudio Bravo. A net balance (expenses-income) of -101.65 million euros for the skyblue club that places it in the top investment.

At the Leaders in Sport forum organized by, Ferrán Soriano, Manchester City's CEO, justified the expense. "If you think that the pandemic is another period of time, we have to continue with our business and we believe that the income will return. The City is the engine (of the business) and, if we do not play well, we have nothing to do. business is based on that. We cannot deny it and we must take risks that in this case we believe are positive, "said the executive.

Soriano specifically justified the three most expensive operations in this market in the Etihad, the arrivals of Rubén Dias and Nathan Aké, without quoting them verbatim, and also that of Ferrán Torres. The executive stated that the focus must be placed on the bottom line and also pointed out the need for investment in this line. "You have to look at the net expense. We sold Sané to Bayern for 49 million euros and reinvested in Ferrán Torres, a similar player that we signed for 23. Sometimes there are things that get out of context. We have to continue playing well. and if we need a central defender, we need him. Otamendi has done very well but the best that could be done was to change him for a younger player. It had to be done, "he said, according to the local press on Thursday.

With these words, the club justifies a new multi-million dollar investment in defenders. Since the arrival of Pep Guardiola, spending on this line alone has already risen to 480 million euros invested in 13 players including the latest signings in Manchester that are considered "necessary" .

The City has been one of the three clubs that has exceeded 100 million in net investment so far in the transfer market in the Premier. Awaiting the closure in England on October 16, only two other clubs have exceeded the three net figures: Chelsea and Leeds, recently promoted to the Premier League, which has even surpassed the skyblue (€ 106 million). Tottenham stayed at 85, Aston Villa at 82 and Everton, United and Arsenal already moved between 70 and 67 in net spending. Of the twenty clubs, only Crystal Palace has achieved a positive balance, signing sales of 20 million euros and spending 17.8, achieving a profit of 2.2 million euros.

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