Stage 1 of La Vuelta: The first lead, for a climber

The 2020 Vuelta begins with a new element: its first stage has a mountainous route and a high end in Arrate.

The first stage, a high end. This is how La Vuelta 2020 starts, with mountains from the first day, which, far from being the last novelty introduced by the race organization, this innovation is given by the circumstances. The postponement of the Dutch departure gave Irún a special relevance: being the start of the 75th edition of the round. Beyond the symbolism, the terrain is presented as an opportunity to see the form of the favorites, although without the excessive harshness to completely eliminate those who have difficulties.

An exam that will begin in the second part of the race, after 90 km more or less flat, when the Udana pass rises as the first scoring peak of the test. From there, the route will become a constant up and down with the passage through the peaks of Kanpazar, Elgeta and the arrival at the final ascent to Arrate, a first-class port and symbol of Itzulia and Basque cycling.

This original uneven terrain for an initial stage will have an also novel consequence: the possibility that the first leader of the race is a climber or a cyclist who defends himself well in the mountains. An opportunity for a runner profile not used to seeing himself with the lead at the beginning of the three-week appointments. It will be necessary to see if the development of the race makes the roosters the protagonist, in second swords or if, on the contrary, the first red jersey (La Roja) comes out of a quality escape.

"The most atypical start of a Vuelta: a stage that ends high. But let's not just pay attention to the climbs, because the leg-breaking terrain, with continuous ups and downs, is going to be wear and tear to take into account. But, I honestly don't think it's a day where we see major differences. In fact, I think they will be insignificant. Because which team is going to want to take responsibility and wear their team down on day one? We'll see if there are any favorites out there. wants to become the 'boss' from the first day. And more in a day in which many climbers are going to see an opportunity to catch La Roja. This stage would be more dangerous in a normal season, but with the schedule so tight, everyone They are lengthening the state of form. In this Vuelta that has been so mountainous from the beginning, there is no time to think that it will improve as the days go by. I also want to make a special mention of the forced absence of the public. less to the afi Basque nation in Arrate ".

Favorites Fantasy La Vuelta by Carrefour

For a first stage with a broken profile, cyclists who hold up well in the mountains and with a good top speed in the arrivals of small groups are those who a priori can achieve better results and give the first results. Names like Alejandro Valverde or Primoz Roglic can be profitable and it is a good option to give them the captaincy. It may also be the moment of someone without so much marking, the case of Russian Vlasov.

Historical notes

Irún will start a stage of the Vuelta for the fourth time and Guipúzcoa will host the first stage of the race for the first time since La Vuelta left San Sebastián in 1961. As for the arrival, in the port of Arrate, it will be the fourth time in history that its summit has hosted the goal of La Vuelta. Curiously, in the first two, in 1972 and 1974, the result was the same: stage victory for Agustín Tamames with José Manuel Fuente leading the race. The last time was in the 2012 edition, with the victory of Alejandro Valverde.

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