Seven years, seven assignments and 161 minutes, the other side of football

Lucas Piazón arrived at Chelsea in 2012 as an emerging promise from South America in exchange for € 7.5 million. Now he is a substitute at Rio Ave, seventh loan.


One more of the innumerable "The new ...". In his case, the ellipsis was occupied by Kakà, a player with whom Lucas Piazón shared a position and training club. In 2011, the greats of Europe were fighting over the signing of one of the sensations of the moment. Juventus had it done, but it was finally Chelsea who would take the cat into the water and, after paying 7.5 million euros to Sao Paulo, they would take over the services of our protagonist. Kakà triumphed at Milan, where he became the Ballon d'Or. Piazón is facing his seventh loan on the Rio Ave without ever having enjoyed the confidence of Chelsea. Three games and 161 minutes in his first season are the accumulated baggage of a player who, despite his extensive work experience, is only 26 years old.

"The press always talks about it, they will say that I am the new Kakà or the new Robinho. For me it is not a bad thing," said Lucas Piazón in the first of his adventures outside of Stamford Bridge. Malaga was their destination, as the blue and white parish will remember. Neither the future of the player nor that of the club have followed the path that was expected at the time they joined ties. The Brazilian winger came to the Costa del Sol to a team that was in its most golden stage, the three-year period under the command of Manuel Pellegrino, with participation in the Champions League included and without clues about the decline that would accompany the Al-Thani management in the years to come.

Initial green shoots

In Malaga he left touches, even making his debut in the Champions League, replacing Baptista in the first round of 16 against Porto and Saviola in the second leg. Two assists in 14 games played in the half season that he remained at the Rosaleda. Numbers that were not enough to convince Chelsea, who sent him to the Vitesse the following year to continue his private service.

In the Eredevisie he gave away his best moments. 12 goals and 8 assists in 36 games, with more than 2,500 minutes. Piazón was barely 20 years old and already showed that there was raw material. He must refer to that time in a recent interview with 'Maisfutebol' in which he bitterly complains about the treatment received by the London team. "At the beginning, I felt really good. I advanced through the U23 team, made it to the first team and, even in the first few loans, I felt that Chelsea had expectations and interest in me. I believed that I could come back and have opportunities in sometime. "

However, the green shoots observed at the Vitesse were not repeated at the Eintracht in Frankfurt, their next destination. In the Bundesliga he started as a starter, but was losing his way until he became a rotation player, as evidenced by his little more than 1,000 minutes played. In an attempt to resume the path of the Premier League, the one from Sao Paulo enjoyed the next three assignments in the English Championship, one step back, to take two forward, they say. But it was not like that. At Reading, first, and at Fulham, later, it wasn't bad. In fact, in the Cottagers he repeated loan and signed 12 points and 9 assists, although in two seasons. But the promising player who made it to Stamford Bridge was a thing of the past. At least from Chelsea's past.

Medium season in the reserve team 'blue' preceded an unfortunate step by Serie A, by Chievo, more specifically. And so we arrived at his current destination, where, as happened in Fulham, he has repeated. In 2019-20 he was an important player in the Rio Ave rotation and this season he has repeated. In fact, he took part in the endless penalty shootout against Milan in Europe a few days ago (he played all 120 minutes) .

"I became a business for them"

The lack of continuity and continuous packing and unpacking have not helped develop a career that promised. "After a while, the connection is not beneficial for either party," the winger complained to 'Maisfutebol'. "As time went by, I became a business for them. They gave me up with the intention of selling me and making money with me. I think that's more or less what they thought," concludes a Lucas Piazón who, at 26, he sees light at the end of the blue tunnel in which he has been since 2012. His relationship with Chelsea ends in June and, finally, he will be free to forge a future with no bigger backpack than the experiences accumulated over the years. Our protagonist has experienced the other side of football, the least friendly and far from the spotlight, but he is still young. You just need to find the right place to flourish.

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