Rossi equals his worst streak

With his fall in the Le Mans race, the Italian made the third consecutive zero of the season, something that had only happened before in 2019.


That Valentino Rossi is recognized as a Sunday driver is no accident. The Italian has always shone on the asphalt on the day when it is necessary to go out for points and has even been able to appear in performances where he was not even in the script. The historic comeback of Valencia 2015 with the title at stake against Lorenzo, or Australia 2016, one of the best races of the MotoGP era in which after going through Q1 for the first time and qualifying fifteenth he also managed to climb to second with 12 overtaking in just 10 laps, these are just some of the examples that give that recognition to a pilot who has been distinguished more by another virtue.

Beyond the great comebacks, consistency has been one of the characteristics that has stood out the most for a rider who in a whopping 24 seasons, if we don't take into account the current one, has only accumulated 42 retirements in the race. Or what is the same, Valentino has finished more than 90% of races that he has contested during his entire career in the World Championship. Seeing the Italian on the ground on a Sunday is an image that very few lenses have managed to capture, but now 'The Doctor' is going through a "period of bad luck" that makes him equal his worst streak to date.

Just a year ago, the appointments of Mugello, Barcelona and Assen left an unusual panorama in Rossi's career. For the first time in his career, the Italian had three consecutive falls and now, just one year later, he has reached that figure again to abandon his tenth crown. Despite the fact that his performance "was not bad in training", a last minute rain knocked out a Valentino at the first corner of Le Mans that slipped to add the third consecutive zero of the season, after which he came dragging from the second meeting in Misano and Montmeló, and that left the French track in the 13th place of the general.

Previously, only three times had Valentino dropped out in more than three races. They were the one of his debut, in 1996, when he registered five zeros that he would repeat in his year as a rookie in 250 cc. The last time was in 2016 where he added with four zeros despite achieving the runner-up and in fact, until the bad streak of 2019, 'El Doctor' was able to accumulate 22 races without a single abandonment. Therefore, now is the time to self-examine: "Three consecutive falls in the race are things that should not happen, when they happen you ask yourself many questions." The answers will come in the last five major prizes that remain to close this 2020 although, despite the situation, the Italian is certain that he feels "faster than last year" and can "drive better" .

Yamaha relived its worst nightmare in France

"We suffered a lot in these mixed conditions. The M1 is very difficult to ride because we suffer a lot with the rear grip. If it is completely wet we can go fast, I had a good feeling on the bike and I was able to go fast. but in intermediate conditions our bike suffers and the other three M1s have also had difficult races ", assured 'Il Dottore' in the press conference after the 2020 French GP. A setback that until this season, thanks to various improvements in electronics and a new engine, had caused many headaches for the technicians at the Iwata factory in the past, as the Japanese mount had a considerable deficit in acceleration and traction compared to Honda and Ducacti that made it impossible to fight for victories in each queen class test

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