Ring time

The Lakers will be NBA champions for the 17th time if they win Game 5 of the Finals, in which they are facing the Heat.

The NBA season began on October 22, with the Lakers in contention on opening day. It was resumed, after the hiatus due to the pandemic, on July 30, again with those from LA in the re-release program. And it can end today, eleven and a half months later, if those same Lakers beat Miami Heat (03:00, Spanish time) in the fifth game of a final in which they lead 3-1.

History smiles at the Angelenos, who have three bullets to certify their seventeenth ring, the first since 2010. Only once has a 3-1 been lifted in a final, and the great protagonist of the feat, LeBron James, is now in his side: in 2016, his Cavaliers turned around an impossible series against the Warriors who had just signed the best season in history (73-9). In total, 3-1 has come back only thirteen times. In the Florida bubble, the Denver Nuggets became the first team to do it twice in the same playoffs, against the Jazz and Clippers. Of course, in the West final the Lakers did not give them a choice and closed the victory in the fifth game.

Interestingly, neither team has won all of its playoff series heading to the ring 4-1. The Lakers could do it, who have not lost two games in a row in these qualifying rounds and who have a LeBron James who wants his fourth title at all costs and who has won 16 of the last 17 games he has played with the option of finishing a tie . Against the Nuggets, in the last one he finished with 38 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists.

With the doubt of Goran Dragic, who has not played since the first game due to a foot injury, the Heat will try to survive until at least Sunday. And the Lakers, continue to trace their path from 2009, their penultimate title so far. Then as now, they defeated the Rockets and Nuggets before the final. And that last round they closed it 4-1 ... and in Orlando (they faced the Magic). In search of the victory that certifies the title, the Angelenos will play with the black jersey and scales in tribute to The Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant. A special edition of the 2017-18 season was recovered for these playoffs after the death of Kobe and his daughter Gianna. Until now they had only used it in the second games, in memory of the number 2 that Gianna played with at the Mamba Academy. For now, four uses and four wins. Today they put it on again and they would also do it, if necessary, in the seventh and final match. Your goal is not to get there. Neither the seventh ... nor the sixth.

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