Rigo-Reyes, the importance of secondary players in Bilbao Basket

His contribution was decisive in the victory against Obradoiro. They admit that in that appointment they have finally seen the good work they do during the week reflected on the scoreboard.


Rigo and Álex Reyes took a step forward on Saturday. They showed that the RETAbet Bilbao is longer than expected, within modesty. They contributed decisive actions against Obradoiro, especially in defense, and the Spaniard added two triples that began to break the Santiago resistance. Reyes confessed that in his first games with Bilbao Basket he noticed the leap of the LEB Oro a lot. The Extremaduran forward, son of the historic Miguel Ángel Reyes, had a lot of prominence with Valladolid and Liberbank Oviedo and has had to change the chip in the Liga Endesa, but makes it clear that every day he feels more involved in the team's dynamics and more focused. "Having been unemployed for seven months (due to the pandemic) and the injury in the preseason does not help, but the most important thing has been the category jump. I have noticed a lot at a technical and physical level, which is much higher," said the forward. Valladolid in the Miribilla press room before the first training session of the week.

Reyes admitted that having finally won after a 0-3, "is always a reason for joy" because they have finally seen "the good work" they do during the week on the scoreboard. "There are many hours training, a long preseason and things going wrong is always a source of frustration. On an individual level I am happy, but for the group a victory is more important. It invites us to continue working and encourages everyone", admitted

Now the visit to Joventut on Sunday awaits you. Duran's pupils are "homegrown players who return to be important in the league" reinforced by a player like Tomic, "from the Euroleague and many years in the ACB". "It has been seen in the results that they are winning and playing well, but if we do what we do in training and maintain our style and attitude, we will have options to win," explained Reyes.

Rigo highlighted from La Penya that it is a team that has been reinforced a lot in summer with quality players. "They have played more games in preseason and they are more shot. It will be important to do things well and stay in the game so that in the end we have options to take the game with us," he said. The Balearic escort agreed with Reyes in giving much value to the victory achieved against Obradoiro even more than for the victory itself because of the way he arrived. "We spent almost 40 minutes making our rules and mentally within the game, even if we were ten or fifteen up. This time we have not disconnected and that is something positive that we must try to take to the next matches," he concluded.

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